Thursday, July 26, 2007

Jaxon 17 weeks old (July 19-26)

Jaxon finally started to hold his own bottle by himself. He would get really frantic while waiting to be fed that when we would hold the bottle directly in front of his mouth, he would just grab it and shove it in.

One funny thing that Jaxon would do while feeding himself was he would randomly pull the bottle out of his mouth, look at it, and then put it back in. I think the reason he would do this, is because we would do the same thing when feeding him. We would pull the bottle out of his mouth to see if he was ready for a burp (usually half way through the bottle.) So I think he thought that was how he was supposed to eat.

One day Amanda was trying to teach Jaxon to stick his tongue out. He caught on pretty quickly.

One day, while making dinner, Tim forgot to strap Jaxon into the chair. After a few minutes, Tim heard Jaxon crying and looked around to see that Jaxon was trying to roll over in his chair.

Unfortunately, Jaxon couldn't get very far when he rolled over in his chair.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Jaxon 16 weeks old

Age: 16 weeks. Jaxon is showing off his new 3-6 month clothes, since he is starting to grow out of his newborn clothes. Aunt Rachel bought this one.

Jaxon hugging his favorite stuffed animal, Trevor the Monkey

Jaxon is helping daddy shake up his bottle for feeding time.

Sometimes Jaxon squirms when he sleeps, this time he slid off of mommy's tummy and was sleeping sideways

Jaxon rolled out of mommy's arms and off the side of his mattress but couldn't quite figure out how to get his feet on the ground

Jaxon learning to sit on his own. He would last about a second before he slowly face planted into the mattress

Another picture of Jaxon trying to sit

Jaxon was having a fun time giving daddy some good smiles for the camera

Jaxon is getting some really good neck and head control

Jaxon has a sly grin on his face as he discovers daddy's Playstation controller on the floor.

Jaxon soon discovers that although the analog control stick looks like a soother, it doesn't taste as good

Jaxon grins as he hugs the Playstation controller

Jaxon checks to make sure daddy isn't looking as he drools on the Playstation controller

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Jaxon 15 weeks old

Age: 15 weeks. When Jaxon turns his bib around backwards, it become a cape and he becomes a flying superhero!

(Cue Superman music) It's Super Jaxon!

While Daddy was in Windsor for work, Jaxon, Mommy, Steffy and Briania went to the zoo. Here's Jaxon with the Giraffes

Jaxon is mesmerized looking at the tigers

Jaxon with Steffy

Jaxon with Brianna

Jaxon, mommy and Brianna with the Triceritops

Jaxon is protecting mommy from the triceritops

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Jaxon 14 weeks old

Age: 14 Weeks. Grandpa Tom brought by an exersaucer for Jaxon to play with. He didn't quite know what to do with it at first.

His legs were a little too short (or the saucer was a little too high)

Jaxon seemed to enjoy eating the saucer more than playing with it

Eventually he figured out how to recline and watch TV while in the saucer

Jaxon practicing his rolling over

More of Jaxon rolling over
Jaxon was happy playing with his Winnie the Pooh toys, until he pulled them down on top of him.
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