Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Jaxon 21 and 22 Weeks old (August 16-29)

One day, Jaxon was rolling around on the floor and fell asleep. We found out later, when he woke up, that he had fallen asleep on his hand. We noticed that he had a pretty sweet looking hand print on his face. Check out the pictures below.

This picture shows Jaxon doing what he does best... drooling (his bib is completely soaked with drool)

While trying to put Jaxon in his saucer, Dad decided it would be funny to keep Jaxon's feet in the air and take some pictures. And not surprisingly it is funny. In this first picture, Jaxon looks to be pretty worried...

But pretty soon, Jaxon adjusts to his seated position and just goes on playing with his toys.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Jaxon 20 Weeks old (August 9)

Jaxon and Grandpa Peter sleeping on the couch. While Peter was visiting, he would spoil Jaxon by picking him up and holding him every waking minute of the day. When Peter finally left, Jaxon still insisted on being held, which made for a rough day for Amanda.

Jaxon sleeping on daddy's shoulder

Jaxon enjoying the flavor of the toys on his saucer.

For some reason, Jaxon likes to pull his soother out of his mouth and then try to put it back in. This was one attempt that he made, that didn't quite make it...

... But I still give him an E for effort.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Jaxon 19 weeks old - Fernie Lodge

For the August long weekend, Peter, Charlene and Rachel came to Calgary before the planned trip to Fernie for the family reunion. Here is Jaxon with Aunty Rachel.

We decided to buy Jaxon a Jolly Jumper, since he seemed to enjoy kicking his legs and jumping when he was in his saucer. he really likes his Jolly Jumper and will spend hours at a time in it.

Here is Jax in more of his Sunday church clothes, showing off for Grandpa

Jaxon saw some of Grandma's candies sitting on the table and grabbed them to try and eat them. Unfortunately he couldn't get the lid open, and instead he ended up cutting his lip a bit.

After being foiled by Grandma's candies, Jaxon decided to go for Grandpa's slurpie. But I don't think he managed to get any of it either.

Finally at the lodge in Fernie, Jaxon was all tuckered out and fell asleep.

Jaxon showing off his custom made Family Reunion shirt. He looks so happy.

Jaxon resting on the super comfortable beds at the lodge.

Jaxon hanging out in the Snuggli while on the hike outside of Fernie.

The Pisko Family picture with the mountains of Fernie in the background.

By the end of the hike, Jaxon was all tuckered out.

Jaxon took his Jolly Jumper to the lodge with him, and decided to try out Aunty Rachel's shoes while he was jumping. I don't think they helped him get any more air though.

Jaxon chilling in his chair while at the lodge.

Another family picture. Jaxon is waving goodbye to the lodge before we leave to go back home.

The Pisko's and The Nelsons (Amanda's family)

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Jaxon 18 weeks old (July 26-Aug 1)

Jaxon is ready to play some Basketball in his cool clothes

Jaxon really enjoys playing in his saucer now that he can grab at the toys and put them in his mouth

One day while sitting in his chair, Jaxon got upset about something and started crying. We thought something had been wrong with him when his soother went missing earlier in the afternoon, but then it turned up (or should I say "down")

"Oh Sweet nectar of life!!" Jaxon really enjoys feeding time and gets some real satisfying looks on his face when he eats

More of the sweet, sweet nectar.
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