Friday, January 25, 2008

Happy Winter-een-mas

Today is the first day of the holiday that is Winter-een-mas. Winter-een-mas is a holiday dedicated to videogames and the people that play them. It is a week long event lasting for the final week in January. The entire month of January is known as the Winter-een-mas season, much like the month of December is known as the Christmas season.. To find out more about Winter-een-mas, and ways that you can help celebrate the holiday check out
Personally, I don't have any real dedicated plans to celebrate Winter-een-mas. With Amanda and Jaxon coming home tomorrow, I'll be too busy tonight finishing up all the chores that I haven't done yet to find any time to play video games. And then once they get home, I'll probably be too busy playing with Jaxon and catching up with Amanda to find time for video games. But nonetheless, I thought I would send out Winter-een-mas greetings to all.

Days 4 - 9

There was a bit of excitement throughout the last week of my bachelorhood. It all comes to an end tomorrow when Amanda and Jaxon get back home. I'm excited to have them home again, I've missed them a lot this last week and a half. Anyway, here are some of the highlights of my bachelor week:

Day 4: Did some shopping and fixed the humidifier on the furnace. Now the apartment isn't always so dry... but it has increased the static in the house. I also attempted to take 4 missionaries out to dinner at Boston Pizza. The BPs that is 2 minutes away from my house is across the street outside of ward boundaries (and outside of the zone mission boundaries) so as a result, we had to drive 20 minutes south to Shawnessy to the Boston Pizza down there so the missionaries would be able to stay inside the zone. What was stupid was that we were already inside the BPs by my house and had ordered drinks when the missionaries got the call that they had to leave.

Day 5: Nothing much for excitement... went to church, came home, had a nice long afternoon nap... the usual Sunday stuff.

Day 6: Nothing out of the ordinary... see the posts for days 1-3.

Day 7: A work project took me out of Calgary and to the City of Brooks for the afternoon and evening. That was pretty exciting. I got to ride in a colleague's Toyota Sequoia... that's was a pretty sweet ride.

Day 8: Another ordinary day... work, eat, TV sleep.

Day 9: Went on splits with the missionaries. Got a call from Eric Radimak, my old college roommate and we talked about chicks and video games and other cool stuff.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Day 3

I won't bore you with all the details, it was pretty much the same as day 2... and for that matter, the same as day 1.

Friday, January 18, 2008

2nd day of Bachelorhood

My second day of bachelorhood was about as uneventful as my first. Here's a rundown of what I did:
- Got up, ate breakfast, made my lunch,
- went to work,
- Talked to Amanda and Jaxon at lunchtime. Amanda said her hairdresser "fixed" Jaxon's hairdo,
- Went home after work,
- Had a hamburger and nacho chips for dinner,
- watched the Office with dinner,
- Talked with Amanda and Jaxon on the phone.
- did some CGA homework,
- watched the Office on TV,
- Watched Celebrity Apprentice,
- Took a shower,
- Went to bed.

Hopefully my third day will be a little more exciting for you all to read about. I'm thinking of doing some shopping or something this weekend, so that should be pretty fun. I don't mind just sitting around at home watching TV or playing videogames or doing homework, but I know it can't be too interesting to read about.

I'm contemplating whether I should grow another bachelor beard this time around. I was originally planning on shaving last night, but after talking with Amanda on the phone (and she asked me if I was going to grow a beard) I started to think maybe I shouldn't shave and should grow a beard. In any event, I never ended up shaving last night, so now I have the beginnings of a bachelor beard. I told Amanda on the phone that I was going to shave... as long as I shave before she gets home, it should be alright. So I'm still undecided, I may or may not grow a bachelor beard over the next 8 days. We'll see.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

10 Days of Bachelorhood

Amanda and Jaxon left yesterday morning at 11:00 to go to Ottawa until the 26th of January. So that leaves me a bachelor for 10 days. I'm pretty sure my days of bachelorhood now will be about the same as when I was single, and will consist of me sitting at home playing video games and watching TV while eating Kraft Dinner and Ramen. But what more could a bachelor want? Here's an update on what I did during my first day of bachelorhood after dropping Amanda and Jaxon at the airport....
- went to work.
- talked to Amanda when she arrived at the airport. She said the flight was great and Jaxon was well behaved.
- Came home from work.
- Made some spaghetti for dinner.
- Watched The Office while eating dinner.
- Played Mario Kart on the Nintendo DS.
- Washed the dishes.
- Watched another episode of The Office.
- Played on the computer.
- Updated Facebook.
- Did a little bit of CGA homework.
- Took a shower.
- Read Electronic Gaming Monthy.
- Went to bed.

As you can see it was pretty uneventful, but that's okay.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Jaxon's first haircut

We decided that Jaxon's hair was starting to get too long. It was getting shaggy and covering his eyes. So tonight we decided to give him his first haircut. With Amanda and Jaxon going to Ottawa tomorrow, I wanted to make sure we cut it before he left. And if we screwed up, then it would be easy for Amanda's hairstylist in Ottawa to fix it next week. So anyway, here is the before picture of Jaxon's hairdoo.

Here I'm combing Jaxon's hair forward to make it easier to cut. He doesn't really seem to like it.

The scissors are getting closer and Jaxon is starting to squirm a bit more.

The first cut is complete. You can see the clump of cut hair in my left hand.

Cutting a little bit more off the front. It was about this time that Amanda told me I was cutting it crooked.

The finished product. Sure he looks like the little kid from "Problem Child", but I think it looks pretty good for my first baby haircut.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Who knew there were so many Edmonton Oilers fans?

So this past weekend, Charlene (Amanda's mom), came into town. She flew into Calgary on Thursday morning and on Friday night, we drove to Edmonton to visit Peter (Amanda's dad). It's always a good time when Charlene comes to visit, since she and Amanda go grocery shopping and stock up on great food. (We just recently finished up some Thai sauce that Charlene bought us 2 years ago.)

So anyway, while in Edmonton, we decided to go visit the West Edmonton Mall for a little bit of shopping. Having previously held the title of the World's Largest Mall, I figured the mall would make for some good shopping. And being so soon after the Christmas season, I figured the mall would be pretty empty... boy was I mistaken. As we were driving up to the mall, I noticed that there was quite a bit of traffic on the Whitemud freeway leading to the mall exit, and then on the street leading up to the mall, the first left turn lane was backed up for blocks. I took the second turn lane and found an empty parking spot. When we entered the mall through a side door, the foot traffic inside wasn't that bad compared to the car traffic that I had just fought through outside... at least that's what I thought, until we turned the corner to the main corridor of the mall. It was then that I noticed several long lineups of people waiting... at first I thought it was the Canadian Idol auditions, but then I noticed that most people were dressed in Edmonton Oilers jerseys. And then I saw the sign advertising the Oilser's Autograph sessions that were taking place at various locations around the mall... starting in a half hour. So not only did we have to deal with crazy people lining up for someone to sign a piece of paper, but we would have to deal with those people for as long as we were in the mall. Who knew there were that many Edmonton Oilers fans!? We fought through the crowds, and finished our shopping and left the mall without hanging around too much. I guess it could have been worse, it could have really been the Canadian Idol auditions.

Please don't call child services

While playing on his Spiderman couch one day, Jaxon tipped it over backwards and hit his face on the patio door behind the couch. He left himself a bruise on his face by his right eye and a little cut on his forehead. He was a little shaken, but still he was alright.
A few days after the couch incident, Jaxon fell while walking in the kitchen and hit the same part of his bruised face on the cupboard. Luckily he's a tough kid.

Spiderman Couch

Here are a few more pictures of Jaxon relaxing on his kids Spiderman couch that he got for Christmas. He occasionally likes to sit on the couch, but mostly likes to climb on it and make it flip backwards.

For some reason, Jaxon also likes to eat his stuffed monkey's toes.

Calgary Flames Fan

Jaxon got an official Calgary Flames jersey from Uncle Kris for Christmas. He looks really good wearing it. Here are a few pictures of him showing off the jersey. Maybe he'll grow up to be a hockey player... just don't expect his mom or dad to teach him how to skate though, neither Amanda or I are very good at skating.
Jaxon playing hockey with his dinosaurs.

Pretending to skate.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Christmas Pictures

The following are a bunch of pictures taken over the Christmas holidays. Christmas was very fun and interesting with Jaxon. It was great seeing him get excited about the empty boxes and discarded wrapping paper more than the toys and presents he was unwrapping. But I guess for a first Christmas it was to be expected. Next year, now that he knows what to expect, I'm sure Jaxon will have a much easier time unwrapping and playing with his presents.

This picture is from when we were going to Heritage Park to see the Nativity pageant put on by the church. It was pretty windy and cold outside so we had to dress Jaxon up in his snowsuit. The suit was so big and puffy that he hardy fit in the straps on his car seat.
On Christmas Eve, we allowed Jaxon to play with one of his presents from Grandma and Grandpa Nelson before we went to Okotoks to Grandma and Grandpa Pisko's house. We also dressed Jax up in his Santa suit to celebrate the Christmas dinner at the Piskos. Jaxon really enjoyed the Tonka truck. It transforms in stages to help Jaxon crawl, walk and ride.
Here is Jaxon and Amanda getting ready to go to Okotoks for Christmas with the extended Pisko family.
Once we got the my family's house, Jaxon headed straight for the tree and all the presents underneath it. Surprisingly, he didn't want to open the presents, he only wanted to crawl on them.
Here are Jaxon's cousins, Hayden (standing with the candy cane) and Autum (looking at the presents) waiting for the Christmas dinner to start.
The kids had fun inspecting the tree and all the presents.

The grandkids posed with Grandma Pisko before we opened presents.

Santa Jaxon is eager to eat as he poses with his Santa Dad.

The unwrapping of presents begins. Only the Grandkids were allowed to open their presents on Christmas Eve. The rest of us grownup kids had to wait until Christmas Day to open our presents.
Jaxon needs to get more practice at opening presents. He would grab the paper and hold on to it, while we turned over his present to rip the paper off... and then he would try to eat the paper.

This is only one half of Jaxon's presents that he opened.

On Christmas morning, we stayed at home and waited for Amanda's brother Kris to come over for breakfast and to open presents. He wasn't planning on coming until 11, but that didn't stop Santa from leaving a present or 2 for Jaxon. Here Jaxon sits on his new little Spiderman couch. It's just his size and...

... it folds out into a bed so he can sleep on it when he naps.

Since we decided that Jaxon would probably destroy our tree if we tried to put it up, we had to improvise for Christmas morning. We crafted a paper tree and taped it to the TV with all the presents loaded on top of the TV stand. It wasn't quite the same as a real tree, but it was festive nonetheless.

Charlene decided that Amanda and I needed to have stockings for Christmas morning, so she sent them (along with the 6 other packages of presents) to us... all the while claiming that she hadn't "gone overboard".

Even with three stockings, I don't think all the presents would fit inside.

Here Jaxon opens one of his many presents.

Jaxon also seemed to be interested in everyone else's presents and toys and not his own. Here he tries to steal my Nintendo DS games.

Here is Amanda opening box 1 of 2 of her Christmas presents from her parents. They sent her two huge boxes full of kitchen gadgets and utensils.

Jaxon is trying to help mom open her presents.

Here is a shot of the Christmas morning aftermath... the tree had fallen down off the TV to signify the present opening had ended.

Here Jaxon and Uncle Kris are sad that there are no more presents, but happy that they got some good stuff.
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