Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Can I have a snack before I go home?

Getting ready to leave Ottawa and come back to Calgary, Jaxon decided to raid Grandma's fridge one last time to grab a snack before he left. Since Grandma's fridge probably has 3 times as much food in it as ours does, it took Jaxon a while to decide what he wanted to eat.
At first he grabbed a can of icing, but decided that there was probably too much sugar in it...
...So he finally settled on some mustard. The shape of the container closely resembles his bottle, so he probably thought there would be something tasty inside.

Furry Pillow

Jaxon found this nice soft furry pillow at Grandma's house and had fun attacking it and burying his face in it.

Little Fishie

Jaxon's Aunt Rachel and her boyfriend Michael were excited to get to take Jaxon swimming. Michael is a swimming instructor and does classes with moms and tots at the swimming pool. Here is Rachel with Jaxon getting ready to go into the water for the first time. Jaxon looks a little bit hesitant (no, that creepy looking guy in the picture isn't Michael... I don't know who that is)

Here is Michael, Rachel and Jaxon going down the slide. I think Jaxon liked the water because he could drink it.

Jaxon playing with one of the pool balls. I've never been to this swimming pool, but that waterslide in the background there looks pretty fun!

Rachel teaching Jaxon the breaststroke.

Jaxon and Amanda getting out of the pool and ready to go home. Charlene bough Jaxon this nifty housecoat to wear when he got out of the pool. It has a tail and spikes on the back and makes him look like a dinosaur.

Clean up the dishes

One thing Jaxon liked to do was watch Grandma wash the dishes. Here he looks very intrigued as he sits on his booster seat.

Not content to just sit by and watch while other people do work, Jaxon offered to help Grandma clean some dishes. He he sits on the edge of the sink and prepares to scrub some dishes with his feet.
"Look, I'm helping clean the dishes!"

Baby Mozart

Jaxon had a fun time exploring Grandma's piano while in Ottawa. He actually started to play a little tune (mostly it was just banging on the keys) Here are a few pictures of him sitting at the keys composing a song.

Booster Seat

We figured that while Amanda and Jaxon were in Ottawa, there was probably no reason why Charlene would need to buy a High Chair for Jaxon to sit in while they were eating dinner. So instead she picked him up a booster seat so he could sit up at the table and eat with everyone else. It appear at first he wasn't too keen on the idea.

But soon enough he cot comfortable with the seat and started to relax.

Here he has a big grin as he waits for some of Grandma's great home cooking to come for dinner.

Tupperware anyone?

Jaxon had a heyday in Ottawa with the Tupperware cupboard at Grandma's house... that's because she has about 10 times as much Tupperware as we do at home, so Jaxon was able to make a really big mess on Grandma's floor.
He's looking like he may have worn himself out in this picture.

Brush your teeth

We are teaching Jaxon to practice good oral hygiene, and he actually really likes to brush his teeth. Everyday after he gets out of the bathtub, if he doesn't get his toothbrush, he gets upset. At first he would just suck on the toothbrush, I think because the baby toothpaste probably tasted good. But now he will actually move the toothbrush back and forth in his mouth. He watches Amanda really closely and mimics the way that she brushes. He's such a little copycat.

Jaxon Scrapbooking

While in Ottawa, Jaxon wanted to help Amanda out with her scrapbooking projects. Here are a couple pictures of the two of them having fun doing crafts.

Jaxon had fun making a mess / helping

Overdue: Jaxon in Ottawa - New Haircut

Here are some pictures of Amanda and Jaxon when they were in Ottawa last month. I know these pictures are a little overdue, but you know what they say, better late than never. I'll probably break these pictures up into a number of posts to separate the themes.

This first picture is of Jaxon's new haircut. After the butcher job that I did on his hairdoo, Amanda took Jax to her hairstylist while she was getting her hair done. The stylist has no problem fixing up Jaxon's hair to make him a little but more natural.
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