Saturday, March 22, 2008

Cap'n Jaxon's 1st Birthday

Today is Jaxon's first birthday. To celebrate, we threw him a Pirate themed party. We sent out invitations that said "you Arrrr invited," and had pirate booty to give out as party favors. We also had this pirate face cutout that the party guests could put their faces in and get their picture taken. Here is a picture of Captain Jaxon.Jaxon's first mate Tim gets his picture taken.Amanda as a pirate
Jaxon wanted to help get things ready for the party. He he is helping Tim put some pop in the cooler. He wanted to check every can for quality by shaking it before it was put in the cooler.
Here Jaxon is trying to open his presents. He was a little bit more interested in his presents this time around than he was at Christmas time. Here he is opening one of his presents from the Miller family.
Benson is helping Jaxon unwrap the present. I think Benson was a little more excited to open the present than Jaxon was.
Here are a few of the presents that Jaxon got for his birthday. He got a cool sports center where he can practice his basketball, football and baseball skills
Here are some cars that Jaxon got. He really likes the SUV.
Jaxon also got a whole bunch of goodies. The cars and treats were gifts that we bought with some money sent from Jaxon's Great Grandma and Great Aunt from Cranbrook.
Here is Jaxon's cake. X marks the spot to the pirate treasure. The gold bars surrounding the cake were little cakes for the guests to eat and take home
Jaxon looked a little bit scared when we were presenting his cake to him. He didn't know how to blow out the candle, so Amanda helped him.
Jaxon hasn't been feeling too well the last few days, so I don't think he had too much of an appetite for cake. He did scoop off a lot of frosting from the top and managed to get it all over him.
But after a while, Jaxon had had enough cake and was ready for something else. Here he is fighting back the tears waiting to get cleaned up and taken out of his high chair.
It was a pretty rough day fighting with the cold that he had, but Jaxon had a lot of well wishers that came to visit him. We want to thank all those that came to Jaxon's party today, and those that sent their wishes to him and weren't able to be here today. Especially we want to thank Grandma and Grandpa Pisko, Mel and Hayden, Jay and Brenda, Amanda and Autum, Duncan, Katrina, Mac, Benson, Bailey, Grandpa Nelson, Kris, Leah and Dave, and everyone that couldn't be here that wished they could. It's been a great year for Jaxon, and I'm sure if he could talk he would tell you all that he loves you.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Jaxon in the Tub and Cooking

Don't let the title of today's post fool you, Jaxon doesn't cook while he is in the bathtub. Instead he plays in the bathtub and pretends to cook when he is out of the bathtub.

Jaxon enjoys playing in the bathtub with all of his bath toys. Here he is with a few of his many tub toys.
One of Jaxon's favorite things to do was to get into the cupboards in the kitchen and pull out the pots and pans (that is, he used to like to do that until we finally got the cupboard locks on the cupboard doors to keep him out.) I think he wanted to be like all the chefs on the cooking shows he would watch with Amanda, because he would occasionally take his toys and put them in the pots and pans and pretend he was cooking.
It looks like Jaxon wants to make an omelet with that dinosaur egg that's sitting on the ground.

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