Wednesday, June 25, 2008

What a Sucker

Jaxon has finally figured out how to use a straw! We were in Edmonton for the weekend with Amanda's Dad and he took us out to Kelsey's for Lunch. We ordered Jaxon a kid's meal and he come with this cool cup and even cooler color changing straw. It took him a minute but he got the straw down pat and filled up on juice so that he wouldnt eat his meal!
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Pool side with Jaxon and Bailey

We bought Jaxon a little pool for out on our deck. He loves it and we had Bailey Miller over to play in it too.

Splash Splash Splash

Jaxon is so funny. He gets all giddy while in the pool and will often stop playing and just sit there and laugh and laugh and laugh. One of these days we will fall over he is laughing so hard. I love it!

Jaxon sure does love those Miller kids. He was always trying to hug Bailey and she would say "Hey, Hey, Hey" and try and push him away.

This is the rainbow shade for the pool. Bailey thought it would be fun to play Peek-a-Boo with and pop her head through it. What a Cutie!
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Full of Service

It was our Family's term to clean the church. We want Jaxon to learn early the joy of service so we brought him alone and he loved joining in on all the chores!

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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Fun with Grandpas

Jaxon Loves going to Okotoks and playing with Grandpa Pisko

He really loves to take apart any tower he builds with the Mega Blocks

Jaxon's Favorite thing to do with Grandpa Nelson.... Snuggle in and take a nap!
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Ain't No body Here but us Chickens

The house we stayed at when we went to Raymond for Amanda's Cousin, Jazmin's wedding had chickens in the backyard. Looks like Jaxon will take after his city girl mom. He was really not impressed by those little noisy creatures. They are better as nuggets eh Buddy?!?

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Yogourt and His Box--Jaxon's True Loves

So there are two things in this world that Jaxon just adores (besides mommy and daddy of course) they are
1) Yogourt--Which you can see he has had hard time feeding himself... He can use the spoon but thinks his fingers work better

and the other love...

2) His Box. Amanda's Aunt Marnie sent them home with a little care package after Jaz's wedding and it was sent in this box. Jax loves it. He will grab a book and climb on in and sit there while Amanda does the dishes of cooks dinner or bakes.. he just loves sitting in his box.

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Swimming At West Edmonton Mall

So a few months ago (March 29th to be exact) we took Jaxon up to Edmonton to visit Grandpa Nelson and to go swimming at the Waterpark in West Edmonton Mall. As you can see he LOVES the water! The little kiddie pool was really warm actually!

Family Photo

Jaxon and his "I'm going to cause trouble look" He has this look alot.

Mommy and Jaxon
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