Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Hmm... What's for dinner?

Jaxon likes to explore everything! He especially likes to explore whenever there is food involved. Here he in continuing his investigation of Grandma Nelson's fridge that he began last year...

Here is Jaxon in September 2007 beginning his exploration of Grandma Nelson's fridge during his visit to Ottawa last year. We love this picture so much we framed it and and hung it in our kitchen.
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Poolside in Ottawa

The weather in Ottawa wasn't all that hot like it normally is during the summertime there, so we didn't get to spend too much time in the pool like we would have like to. Jaxon had a real blast just being around the pool though.

Here's Jaxon pretending to be the pool boy. He was watching Grandpa vacuum all the dirt off the bottom of the pool and wanted to help out. The best thing he could find was a pool noodle to help out.

After a hard day of cleaning the pool, Jax wanted to relax on the deck with the pool chair next to Grandma.
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In Ottawa & Too cute!

Man Do I love my Little Guy! Looking so cool. Thanks for the cute outfit Auntie Rachy! (Im surprised I could get him to sit still long enough to get this shot!)

Family Pic! (and yes I did cut all my hair off)
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In Ottawa @ the Park

Last week we were in Ottawa for one last visit before my parents move to Edmonton. There was a little park down the street that I think we took Jax to everyday. He loved the sand but his favorite thing to do was to push his little stroller around.

Yes even mommy joined in the fun!
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I'm a Big Kid Now!

So a while ago Jaxon suddenly developed this intense fear of this crib. You couldnt even walk into the room without him freaking out... made sleeping a real chore... so we decided to convert the crib into a toddler bed... all we did was take off one of the rails and now he is thrilled. I guess my guy just loves his independance. I was hoping to keep him caged up as long as possible... but he would not have that. He loves climbing in and out on his own.. and he has even figured out the joy of jumping on the bed!
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More Canada Day

Jaxon's Favorite animals are dogs! He gets so excited at the sight of them. Lucky for him there were a few puppies around to play with.

This is Jaxon's Little girl Friend Bailey. Jaxon just loves those Miller kids!
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Look at our Patriotic little Man! Thanks Grandma Pisko for the sweet outfit!

We went to a Canada BBQ at the church and they had a petting zoo. Jaxon LOVES animals.. so he spent most of his time in there.. but there were too many animals for him. He didnt get scared but he would go to pet one and then another one would catch his eye and he has to chase it and pet it. Mommy doesnt like animals... so I let daddy take him in.

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Splish Splash

There is a Water Park near our house.. so one hot day this summer (there hasnt been many lately) some of us moms took our little ones to play... Jaxon wasnt too impressed with the water at first. But now he loves it!

This is Jax with his little buddy Charles

And or course Jax has to do his own thing... while all the kids play in the water his favorite thing to do is swing!
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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Asleep at the Plate

Some nights, Jaxon just gets too tired to eat. It used to be very rare that Jaxon would sleep anywhere without being held or cuddled to sleep, but he's fallen asleep in his high chair probably half a dozen times in the last few months. One time he was still chewing while he was sleeping.

He made sure to guard his Tator Tots so no one would steal them.
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