Monday, November 3, 2008

Trick or Treating

Of Course we took Jaxon trick or treating in the evening. We only went to a few friends houses since he got a bunch of candy from Trick or treating at the Mall but he still had fun. He would knock on the door and stand there with his hand out... the once he got the candy he would push the door shut... even if they were still trying to talk to him! He had his candy and was ready to move on to the next house!

Tim wore his big foam cowboy hat trick or treating. (He was thrilled bytheway) But now Jaxon loves dressing up so he had to put it on too!

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Halloween at the Mall

We thought it was only fitting to dress up our little monkey has a monkey for Halloween. Jaxon wasnt too keen on the costume at first but once he got a look at himself in the mirror he was thrilled. He even started making monkey sounds.

For some odd reason Jaxon thinks this is a smile.

Halloween afternoon we went to the mall to go trick or treating. It was so much fun. This was the first time Amanda and Jaxon had done this but they will for sure be making it a Halloween tradition. Jaxon caught on really quickly to the whole trick or treating thing. He insisted carrying his bucket all by himself.. even when it was so heavy he was dragging it on the floor. He was guarding his goodies. Everyone thought he was so cute... and we agree!

Believe it or not but this is his happy face. He had so much fun at the mall!
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