Thursday, August 27, 2009

Owen is Born!

This morning at 6:37, Amanda and I welcomed our second son, Owen Kristoffer Pisko, into the world. He is 7lbs 12.5 oz, and 20.5" long. He has a full head of hair just like Jaxon did when he was born. I think he looks a lot more like me than Jaxon did, but everyone says he looks a lot like Jaxon when he was born. Speaking of Jaxon, here is a picture of Jaxon holding his new baby brother and just brimming with pride at the hospital. I think Jax is going to be a great big brother.

Amanda had a short labour (4 hours start to finish), but it was intense. Luckily she was able to get an early discharge from the hospital, and we were able to bring Owen home tonight. I personally think Amanda will be able to get more rest here at home than at the hospital. She was in a shared room with another mother and baby, so either Owen or the other baby would be up every few hours to feed, not to mention the nurses coming in every few hours, and just the general noise of the hospital. At least here at home I'm around and grandma is around to help out with things around the house and with Jaxon.

One thing we did with Jaxon was that we gave him a stuffed animal the day he was born, that has been his best friend throughout his life. Trevor is the name of the monkey we gave Jaxon. For Owen, we gave him a stuffed Elephant that Amanda has named Jasper. (Amanda has taken to naming all of the stuffed animals in the house. I can never remember which animal has with name, but Amanda and Jaxon seem to remember.) So here is Owen getting to know his new best friend Elephant

Owen snuggling up to his mom after filling his belly with formula. I saw a onsie at the mall the other day with a saying on it that said, "I drink 'till I pass out"... seems to fit really well with newborn babies.

I have some time off work to help out with the baby, and will try to post more pictures of Owen soon.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Preparing for baby

We really want Jaxon to be excited about having a new little brother so Amanda has been really trying to keep him involved in the whole preparing process. So she went and bought him a onsie to decorating with fabric markers to give to the new baby. He had so much fun!

Here is the finished product.
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1.5 weeks left

Amanda is Due Aug 26th... but this baby cant come fast enough. Here she is with 1 week and 4 days left.
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Jaxon's Jungle Room

So here is the start of Jaxon's Jungle Room. It's going to be Blue and Green and filled with animals because Jaxon is an animal himself. There is a monkey growth chart on the wall and safari animals on his closet. Amanda is still looking for some really Cute animal prints to frame and hang above his bed.

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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

When I Grow up...

I'm Going to drive a firetruck! At the Foothills Stake Canada Day Celebration there was a fire truck. Jaxon loved it! And he got to pretend to drive it!

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Bouncy House Fun

This year there was a huge Pre-Stampede Breakfast at Lake Chaparral. They had tons of Bouncy Houses. Jaxon loved the big slide one. Everyone thought he was too little to make it to the top but our little climber sure showed them!

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Okotoks Parade

This summer we took Jaxon to the Okotoks Parade. He had so much fun! And made sure to stay off the rode.

Waving to the people.

This was his favorite part of the parade. Little Airplanes that would twirl in a circle. He would crack up whenever he spun!

And of course Jaxon loved all the candy that the parade people threw out way!
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We've Got Mail

We have been living here for almost 3 months now and we FINALLY have mail service. YAY! No more driving to the depot for us!

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New House + Furniture

Here are some pics of the new house with our furniture in it. The top one is the Nook with our Sweet Huge Table! Below is Amanda's Favorite room in the whole house... Her Kitchen! (and trust us... it is her Kitchen)

Here are a couple shots of the living room. Notice the nice new TV. Tim is pretty proud if it. We will post more pictures as the rest of the rooms come together and are clean!

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Awesome Dude

Jaxon loves stickers and decided to share them with his little brother. At least for now he thinks he is an awesome Dude!
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