Thursday, December 24, 2009

Random Owen Pictures

Owen is almost 4 months old, and he is getting to be a really huge kid... much bigger than Jaxon was at this age. He is getting to be really interactive with people and faces and toys. Here are a bunch of random shots of Owen over the last few weeks.

Here is Owen on Jaxon's Spiderman couch getting to know a little bit more about Trevor.

  Owen wiggled his way under the Christmas tree the other day to get a better look at the ornaments.

We've tried to give Owen a soother, but all he wants is to suck on his thumb.

Owen chilling out on Jaxon's Spiderman couch.

Owen trying out his saucer for the first time. You can see Jaxon in the back in the Old Navy shirt just waiting for his turn in the saucer.

Owen dressed up in his Rudolph pajamas getting ready for Christmas

Owen making his attempt at crawling. He can get his head up, but still needs to work on getting his arms and legs moving.

We put Owen in his high chair for the first time this week too. He looks a little dwarfed by the massive chair, but he seemed to enjoy it quite a bit.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Jaxon's Letter From Santa

Everyday when I get the mail, Jaxon always asks if there is any messages for him... and he is always disappointed when I tell them that there isn't. But today, there was mail for him. He wrote a letter to Santa last week and today he got his reply letter in the mail. Look how excited he was to open mail for Jaxon!

Such an excited face!

Jaxon loves tearing paper, and had a lot of fun opening the letter from Santa.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A look through Jaxon's Eyes

Here are some of the pictures Jaxon took!

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Everyone takes a turn

Everyone got a turn to put ornaments on!

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So Excited

Last night we decorated the Christmas Tree! We put on Amanda's Favorite Christmas CD Jingle Bell Jazz and Amanda and Owen danced... Owen loved it. If Amanda would stop he would hold up his hands to hear and grin... like he was asking for more!

Jaxon cant wait to get at the tree!
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Something New

Jaxon has learned to play on the computer all by himself. We made a shortcut to the games on and now he can come up and get his games going with out any help from Mommy and Daddy... there are pros and cons to that !

Owen loves toys now... He can grab at things you give him and instantly pulls them to his mouth!
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Fighting over the TV already!

So I was just trying to get a picture of Owen sitting on the couch... but look at his face... I dont think he likes whatever was on treehouse at that moment!
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