Sunday, January 31, 2010

My Everyday - Jan 31

HOORAY FOR JAXON!!!! He went all day today with a clean dry diaper. We still have a long way to go before he is potty trained but I am on to his trick. He will hold it until he just cant anymore and then pee in his diaper. So I need to be on the ball and make him sit on the potty every couple of hours. He fights me sometimes but most times he will sit on the potty and go in the potty instead of in his diaper! YAY JAXON!!! We had a bit of a dance party when it was bedtime and he was still dry! All day dry!!! YAY!!!!
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Saturday, January 30, 2010

My Everyday - Jan 30

So I missed yet another day of blogging... I guess I was just too tired last night... sorry all!
Friday was a crazy fun day. I took the boys to Playtopia out in Okotoks. Jaxon had a blast and Owen loved watching all the kids playing! Jaxon loves the slides.

Here is Jaxon and his friend Sam (Jaxon calls him Sammy) in the ball pit!

Owen is making great progress with sitting... He can sit for a few minutes on his own. But then he tries to reach for something and he falls over. Or he moves his head and he falls over. He does really well if he can hold on to something.

Here he is eating it... everything goes in his mouth! Owen is also getting really close to crawling. He can get up on all fours but then he goes backwards. He gets frustrated because he tries to go for a toy but then gets further away. Last night Tim found him on the far side of his crib because he backwards crawled down there... silly Owen. But as excited as I am to see him moving I am also terrified... boy my life will be interesting when I have two to chase after!
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Thursday, January 28, 2010

My Everyday - Jan 28

So I know I missed another day yesterday... oh well it happens... I got caught up reading with Jaxon then fell asleep. I love reading with Jaxon.
  Anyways... the highlights of the last few days... we went to build a bear yesterday and Jaxon made his friend Makaelyn a puppy dog. He had a blast and was really proud to give it to her. Aunty Leah also come over to visit which was fun. My boys adore Leah. Im lucky to have such a great friend. My life wouldnt be the same without her in it!
  Dinner yesterday was soooooo good... Chipotle BBQ pork Sammies! YUMMY! tonights dinner wasnt great... but so far 3/4 recipes were winners... lets see what tomorrow holds!
  Today was a PJ day for Jaxon, I was jealous I really wanted a PJ day but I had a baby shower to go to tonight so I figured Id have to wear real clothes.
   Jaxon sais his first pray all by himself last night..."Dear heavenly father. Thank you for this day. Thank you for the food. Please bless it. Bless that Brownie (Maks puppy) will sleep good. Bless Owen to sleep good. In the name of Jesus christ amen" I was so proud of my little man!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My Everyday - Jan 26

Today was a GREAT day. We had the Smiths over for a playdate. Jaxon has been after me for a week to have Elizabeth and Sammy over. He was thrilled to see them walk up the fron step! I always have a blast chatting with Ashley so it was a highlight of my day too! Another highlight was all the time I got to spend in my kitchen today. I love being in my kitchen. Its my favorite room in the house. So I made yummy caramel brownies this morning... sooo yummy. For dinner I made a 5 cheese backed Ziti like you can get at the Olive Garden. SOOOOOO GOOD and I put the pork tenderloin for tomorrow in a really spicy looking marinade. YAY! So far the new recipes are all successes. Yesterday I made a Thai chicken Satay with Spicy peanut sauce. YUMMY!
After the play date we went to Gymboree. Jaxon always has fun there! He is a crazy kid and everyone loves him and laughs at him. He makes me tired!
After gymboree we went to Zellers to pick up some stuff for Jaxons bday party. Yes I know its not until March but I have lots of things planned and since my hands are full most days I try to start early so I can do a little each day and hopefully get it all done on time! The highlight there was 1) the boys were awesome in the store! 2) I had a $50 gift card! YAY goft cards!
Potty training with Jaxon is still going... slowly but at least its going... Im keeping my fingers crossed and am holding out hope that he will be trained by the fall for preschool! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!
Owen has made some but leaps today... he pushed up on to all 4s again... and he has started to squirm backwards so Im sure crawling is right around the corner... the my life will be even more interesting! And he is starting to sit... sorta... he leans quite a bit but at least I dont have to hold him all the time... he is starting to get the hang of sitting.
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Monday, January 25, 2010

My Everyday - Jan 25

Today was a really fun day... We had gymboree in the morning and then we had my visiting teachers come and visit and Jaxon made two new friends. Looks like we have more play dates coming up! Plus Jaxon did the laundry for me... really he did. He took all the clothes out of the washer and put them in the dryer then started it up and then filled up the washer with the dirty clothes again... he just forgot the soap... but I helped him there.
Jaxon got this cool game from Mama (what we call Grandma Nelson) for christmas. Its Diego 123. Jaxon loves matching and he loves numbers so we play this game at least once a day. He really loves helping everyone win.

My guy is getting so big... this shirt I had him in for church on Sunday was a size 4!!!! Can you believe my little man is in a size 4!!!

Speaking of my growing guys... here is Owen eating some cereal. We tried once before but he wasnt interested. But tonight was a completely different story. It took him a few spoonfuls... really I think it was more so that I had better technique then Tim.. but he got it and then was went to town! Owen sure does love to eat. He are almost a full bowl he loved the spoon and would grab at it and pull it into his mouth. When I would put it back in the bowl he would smack at his tray and open his mouth WIDE!

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Sunday, January 24, 2010

My Everyday - Jan 24

So Its much easier for me to keep track of these by the date....
I know I didnt blog yesterday... sorry... I was sick... But thanks to a wonderful husband who let me rest lots I am feeling much better... not 100% but pretty close... lets face it as a mother of 2 little ones I never feel 100%.
Tim also wired the lights in our basement yesterday.. that is a real thrill because know Jaxon can get into his play room without needing me to run down and turn lights on! YAY!
Jaxon is coming out with the funniest things. I have to really watch what I say because he turns it around on me. Lately he has been telling me my Options. I also give him choices...You can do this or that "Those are your options!" so all weekend its "Mom we can play hide and seek or tag... those are your options"
Owen wont shut up! Church is hard because he loves it but squeals and screams (happy screams) all sacrament... and I mean LOUD. When Jaxon did this we would give him a soother but Owen refuses to take one... so he is just LOUD!
Im pretty excited about this week coming up... It looked like it would be pretty boring so I thought Id try 5 new recipes for dinner this week... Ill be sure to post the good ones! But now this week is crazy! We have gymboree and Visiting Teachers tomorrow, Tuesday we have a playdate with the Smiths, Wednesday Aunty Leah might come over, Either Thursday or Friday we are having Lunch with Friends and depending on what day that happens I will take Jaxon to Buildabear to make a gift for his friend Mak's Birthday. Plus I have the normal chores, laundry, grocery shopping, etc to do... not to mention I need to get my butt in gear and finish some of my craft projects!
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Friday, January 22, 2010

My Everyday - Day 21

Chapters is a dangerous store for me! I took Jaxon and Owen there today and Let Jaxon play with the trains and I bought a new book for Owen about a little boy named Owen who helps the moon get his shine back and I got Jaxon a clock puzzle that he Loves! Who knows maybe this genuis child of mine will learn to tell time next! The best part of the whole chapters fun was that I had a Gift card! I love when I can go shopping and use a gift card! Im so pro gift cards its like two gifts in one.. I get the fun of shopping and the fun of whatever it is a buy! YAY!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

My Everyday - Day 20

Today we had a busy day. We had Visiting Teaching in the morning and then Kim and Joseph Hawkings came over for a play date in the afternoon. Jaxon was all played out and napped at dinner time... so it will be an interesting night getting him to sleep again but it was worth it. We also put Owen in his Jolly Jumper for the first time. HE HAD A BLAST! Jaxon really liked helping him jump. He is such a good big brother!
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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My Everyday - Day 19

Third times a charm... Ive tried to post this 3 times... so now its going to be really lame since Im sick of writing the same thing over and over again! Today is Rachels bday. She is so old 20! Today we played with all the pink things in our house, since as Jaxon loves to remind me... "Pink is auntie Rachels favorite color"
  Speaking of Jaxon he now knows how to spell his name. He cant spell it but if you ask him how to spell it he will say J-A-X-O-N

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My Everyday - Day 18

Jaxon Loves to take pictures and he loves that he has his own camera. Today I thought Id see the world has Jaxon sees it. Here are some of the pictures he took. He is such a funny guy.
We had a play date with Benson Miller today which is always fun. Jaxon was so excited to see his buddy Benson and to tell him that he pees on the potty... Yes potty training has begun and Jaxon likes to share his vicotories with everyone. Then this afternoon Jaxon helped me make snickerdoodles and popsicles. Jaxon refuses to eat the Pink Popsicles so I have gotten sick of buying boxes of popsicles since we have a million pink ones still in the fridge. So today we made green popsicles. Jaxon loves green its his new favorite color.

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Monday, January 18, 2010

My Everyday - Day 17 Part 2

I swear Owen will never learn to sit up. He loves to stand too much. Normally I leave the saucer downstairs for him but today he was wanting to be up and I really couldn't hold him all the time so I brought the saucer up stairs. He has spent hours in it watching Jaxon play. I have never seen him so happy!

Jaxon thought it would be fun to share his toys wiht Owen... apparently Owen really likes Bananas!

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My Everyday - Day 17 part 1

Jaxon sure keeps me on my toes... and aparently flat on my butt too... I think I almost broke my ankle at gymboree with him today. Im pretty sure its just a sprain but each step I take makes me want to cry. Anyways... enough whining from me.
Jaxon loves to play with my salad spinner and he loves to play with puzzles. So his favorite game is to put all his puzzle pieces into the salad spinner, give them a ride and then put them in a big pile on the floor. I just gringe because he tells me "I need to make a big mess" Which would be fine but I know Ill be the one putting all the puzzles back together!

Jaxon is also really into being a Cowboy. He rides his horse and yells YEE HAW!
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Sunday, January 17, 2010

My Everyday - Day 16

Well We are still struggling with the 1pm church Time. Jaxon slept all threw sacrament... which was nice then but now he is still awake and that sucks. At least he is still loving Nursery! I taught the CTR 5s about how we are all different and how Heavenly Father loves us all! We colored paper people and talked about how they all looked different... the highlight was when one little girl... Paxyn was totally shocked that I was an amazing colorer... just like magic as she put it. But its late and since neither boy has slept threw the night the last 3 nights and I have been up at 5am on Saturday and 6 am on Sunday this is one tired Mom...

Saturday, January 16, 2010

My Everyday - Day 15

Jaxon Loves Cars. Its pretty sweet because his thinks Hot Wheels are the best thing in the world.. I use them as prizes for everything! I swear he will soon have the entire collection. And he knows which ones he has so that when we go shopping he won't pick out the same one and he even knows which ones he has at Mama's house.
Today daddy convinced Jaxon to line up all his cars to see how big the line could get. This is how far Jaxon got. There are still a handful of cars that could have been added but Jaxon got bored!

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Friday, January 15, 2010

My Everyday - Day 14

So Today has been a long day. The boys have been great considering... Owen had his shots last night so he mostly just slept all day but Jaxon had so much energy and was stuck in the house all day since I didnt want to take a cranky Owen out anywhere... so we all have cabin fever yet now. I made made some yummy chocolate pudding tarts with Vanilla oreos and Dolche de Luche on them... and are too many! Jaxon spent the day dancing... to Cher... he loves her song "Life after Love" and sings it as he dances. I love it!
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Thursday, January 14, 2010

My Everyday - Day 13

Today was another fun day. Jaxon only watched one movie all day which is great for him! Plus it was like 10 degrees out so we went outside to play for 30 minutes. Jaxon had me push him on his Trike... he doesnt know how to pedal... then we played Sidewalk Chalk and then we blew bubbles. Then Owen, who was in his sling, puked all over me and himself so I had to do laundry... thats how I washed my cell phone... yet again. YAY ME!
Tonight we had to take Owen for his 4 month shots. I think it was harder on Jaxon then on Owen. Owen started crying of course and Jaxon lost it. "NO mom NO they are hurting Owen!" Owen had long stopped crying when Jaxon was still going strong. He is just too good of a big brother.
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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My Everyday - Day 12

My little owen just gets sweeter and sweeter. He has a smile that melts my heart. This is the face I get to have smiling at me all day... dont you just love him!
So today was a pretty fun day. I got to clean my house.. finally and I took Jaxon to Gymboree and Uncle Junstin and Aunt Kerri come over for dinner... it was really fun. Jaxon was have lots of fun with Uncle Justin. Then after they left Jaxon wanted to be Superman. so Tim Flew him around in his Superman outfit while the Superman Theme played on his phone. Jaxon was giggling the entire time. Today is a day that makes me love that this is my everyday.

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My Everyday - Day 11

So... I know this post should have been posted yesterday but I totally forgot and wasnt about to turn the computer on at 3am when I remembered. Today was a busy fun day. I took the boys to chapters, I had to get a few More Robert Munsch books for Jaxon's birthday party in March and Jaxon loves to play with the trains.. then it was off to the library to pick up some books I had on hold and I even got gas in the my car (yay me!) Then it was home for Lunch and then off to Gymboree. After Gymboree I got to spend the afternoon in my kitchen getting ready to have our friends the Millers over for dinner. It was a fun day. I like days like that... they go by fast. I made a great Thai Chicken Pizza for dinner... check out the recipe at then search Thai Chicken Pizza. Its YUMMY!

Monday, January 11, 2010

My Everyday - Day 10

I dont think anyone could have a better big brother then Jaxon is to Owen. He loves Owen so much. And I love Jaxon so much. Today he was my little helper man all day. It was great! First we did laundry... one of Jaxon's favorite things to do. Then I was trying to get Owen to wiggle himself forward to a toy and Jaxon pops over and starts pushing his bum..."Like this Owen! I'll Help you!" Then we played Diego 1-2-3 (Jaxon's Favorite game) and I was losing... so he looks at me and says "Ill help you find your numbers mom" and I ended up winning. I am so lucky.. he is always bring Owen toys and helping me do the chores. What a great Kid I have! To top it off he even took a nap today... for almost 3 hours!!!
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Sunday, January 10, 2010

My Everyday - Day 9

Sundays are always insane. I HATE 1pm Church! But at least Jaxon loves Nursery so it's eay to get him to go. We still have to worry about Owen so Tim and I tag team him since we both teach in Primary... at least Im in Jr while he is in Sr so that just means Owen get singing time twice as we do a hand off in the hall way!
Speaking of Owen he has really taken to being on his tummy... he wants to spend all his time like this. I think he will be crawling soon. At least I hope so since he will be less frustrated and I will have less spit up to clean up!
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Saturday, January 9, 2010

My Everyday - Day 8

I cannot believe what I did today... I registered Jaxon in preschool. He doesn't start until the Fall but when did he become old enough for preschool! As sad as I am that I have a child old enough for preschool I am thrilled that I found such a great preschool. Its called Leap n Learn and its in Okotoks but in Jan 2011 they are opening one basically across the street from us in Walden so it will be nice to have it so close in Jan 2011. But it looks great. They let them play but still teach. They have weekly themes and even start to intoduce French. We took Jaxon to the open House to see it today and he loved it. He didnt want to leave. So know I have one more obsticle to conquer before we are all set... Potty Training... I told Jaxon tonight that Preschool says "NO DIAPERS" and he paniced... "But I wear diapers" So I explained he will have to learn to use the potty... he is know thinking it over I think because he refuses to talk about it. We will see if this will get him to finally try and potty train!

My Little Man! Now he is so big!
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Friday, January 8, 2010

My Everyday - Day 7 of my other goals this year was to be a better mother. Part of this means looking for opportunities to encourage and teach my children. I have a love of reading and find I have an intense need to surround myself with good books. This is a love I really want to pass onto my children. So I have started my own Book of the Month club for Jaxon. (and Ill do it for owen too, once he turns one) This Month's Book is Mortimer by Robert Munsch. last month I took Jaxon to the Robert munsch Hands On exhibit at the Royal Alberta Museum. It was great and Jaxon loved the mortimer exhibit that said 'BEEEEEEE QUIET' So I thought it was a good book to start with.
Now here is a shout out to my Sister. She Got the job interning as an event planner she really wanted. YAY Rachy! I think it has a little something to do with the fact that owen was sporting his I love my auntie Rachel shirt today!
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Thursday, January 7, 2010

My Everyday - Day 6

Today was an extra fun day. Our friends the Smiths came over to have a play date. This is Jaxon so excited for Elizabeth and Sammy to come and play! "I really like my friends Mom!"

Owen has gotten into the habbit of sleeping on this tummy... I completely understand since thats how I sleep too... but it still freaks me out to turn around and see this....

... but he is a cute little lump if you ask me. (Oh yeah and thats 6 months clothes that my 4 month old is wearing)
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