Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Jaxon Goes to the Dentist

Today was Jaxon's first visit to the dentist. He was super excited to go and was even more excited when we told him we would have to take the C Train. I was surprised at how much he actually let them do, I thought that he would be brave until he got into the chair and then he would freak out! But he loved it!

They had him weat these totally cool shades. What a cool dude!

Shout out to the best Dentist in the world! Kim Orth of Core Dental... YOU ROCK! I have been going to him for years... actually as long as I can remember. My run in with other dentist just proves how AMAZING Kim is!

Counting teeth and looking at his bite... all good... I was shocked! I thought we would have problems since he had a soother for so long and plus he insists on brushing his own teeth so I thought he would have decay... but apparently he is doing a good job.
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Monday, March 29, 2010

I have two little hands

Today was another one of those fun Laundry days. But at least I learned something about Jaxon... he totally takes after me. We were doing laundry and Jaxon starts singing "I have two little hands made for spinning the clothes" At least I know he is listening in Nursery and that he can improvise! It made my day.
  Also big news from my friend Stef! She is engaged! Hooray steffy! I sure love you and am super excited for you! YAY!!!
  Another Also... We got our tickets to Thomas the train in the mail today... in case I didnt mention it before but I was wanting to go and Tim said no... but then our friends the Smiths said they were going to go... so we booked tickets with them since Jaxon insists on doing everying with sammy and Elizabeth. Im just glad we get to do Thomas the Train! YAY!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Not a Lawn Fan

We put Owen on the grass outside for the first time ever on Tuesday. He wasnt overly impressed. I think its because the grass is still dean and crunchy. But Im sure that once it greens up and softens up that he will be an outdoor boy.

Anyways... Im blogging early again because both boys are napping and because Tim is out all night Shooting in Okotoks with the Elders Quorum. Ill be interested to see how he enjoys that.
Oh Yes.. Im sure you are eager to hear about my aqausize experience. I love Aquasize because you are in water... so no one can see how bad you are doing the moves and no one can see you jiggle!I told steffy she has to drag me to work out at least once a week.. so hopefully soon I will have alot less jiggle on me!
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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Getting so Big

I thought Id do my nightly post now... since I am going to an aquasize class with Steffy this evening... and Im not too sure how Ill be feeling afterwards.
Yesterday Owen started a new trick. He can now pull himself up to a stand on the couch. And as you can see he is so Proud of himself. I think its pretty cute myself but also a headache because I know walking/running is right around the corner. Maybe chasing after the two bosy will become my own workout and I can skip Aquasize!

Do you see how proud Jaxon is looking at Owen. They are the best buddies ever!

I love how little he looks here!
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Our Trip to the Zoo

Yeah I know I didnt post last night.... so here is an early morning post... just pretend it was last night. Here are some of the pictures of our trip to the Zoo with the Smiths. Jaxon Loves Sammy and Elizabeth so it was a really fun time!
Here they are admiring a Tiger. (My favorite animal in case anyone needed to know that!)

The Giraffes are cool too!

Poor Jaxon was so tired after spending the afternoon running around the zoo. He didnt make it home. Which was another highlight of the day because Its rare for me to have this kid take a nap. So I even got a bit of a break! Thanks again Ashley! We will have to go again soon!
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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I hate surprises

I have come to realize that I hate surprises. I drives me nuts not knowing what is in presents at christmas time. I have caller ID so I know who is calling me before I answer the phone, and I think all doors should have peep holes so I know who is there before I answer it. What has brought this confession on??? Well I was released from my calling on Sunday and when they did that I was told me "We have another one in the works for you so dont get too comfortable... in a few days we will be talking to you again" Now its driving me NUTS... Im consumed but the what ifs.... JUST CALL AND EXTEND THE CALL!!!!!
But I guess not all surprises are bad. Ashley called today and said "Lets go to the zoo" Jaxon has had cabin fever but whatever I suggested to do today was a no go but as soon as I mentioned Sammy and Elizabeth Jaxon would have dont anything. He loves those too! So thanks for the fun time Ashley!
This is a picture of Jaxon opening his one of his presents from Mama and Papa on his Birthday. It is a travel train set. He was thrilled. "Just like on the TV" He has been watching the commercials for this and wanting it so badly. He has noticed that you can attach more sets to it... so today I get "mom... after you are done feeding Owen can we go to Toys R Us and get a new train set" "Not today Jaxon" "Oh.... how about after lunch" I explained what not today meant and he looks at me and says "Oh... ok... when Mama and Papa get back to Edmonton, mama will take me to Toys R Us and I can get one" So just a heads up mom!
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Monday, March 22, 2010

Jaxon turns Three

I cant beleive it but Jaxon is Three! We had a Robert Munsch Themed party for him on Saturday with some of his buddies. Here is the party crew watching a Bunsch of Munsch Video before the games!

After Watching Murmel, Murmel. Murmel we played pin the soother on the baby. Jaxon had to keep on eye on Elizabeth to see how close she got!

Jaxon's favorite part of the party was when everyone sang to him. He was thrilled and couldnt stop smiling!

I Hope all your wishes come true sweetie boy!
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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Fun and tiring days!

WOW! I can't believe Ive survived until 9:30 tonight! LOL Just Kidding... today was a pretty good day. No thats a lie... today was a great day! So it started off like any other day.. cartoons... but the highlight was that is was Jaxon's (and now mine too) favorite Backyardigans episode. Its all about a tea party but Jaxon loves it because it has the Knock knock, who's there, Banana joke in it. He loves that joke. After that he started in on the "Hey I know Let's go to Sammy and Elizabeths house" For those of you who havent been following this blog Jaxon loves the Smith kids and we are beyond THRILLED that they just live down the street. So we spend most of our days with them. Sorry Ashley Im sure you are pretty sick of us! Finally I caved and called "Elizabeth's Mommy" And they came and played and even had lunch with us, while Ashley and I enjoyed conversing with someone over 3 feet tall, plus I made rice Krispies and Cupcakes for the party on Saturday. Anyways... as an added Bonus Kim and Joseph Hawkings came to play in the afternoon. Back when we lived in the Mormon Ghetto (and I say that with the most love possible) Joseph and Jaxon ruled the playground together. It sucks not having them close by but we do cherish the times they do come to play. They best part was looking around the house once everyone was gone at 4pm and laughing... It was destroyed. My boys have more toys then most toy stores I think! It was fun to see the mess and now how much fun all the kids had and I had too. I really needed a day with friends! Thanks Ladies! I was going to post a pic of the war zone... but it made me too exhausted to look at it. Good thing Tim took tomorrow off... I think Ill make him clean it up.
  OH! and a big special Thank you to Great Grandpa, Great Grandma, Sadie and Great Great Grandma in Cranbrook for the bday card. Jaxon loves getting mail. Sometimes I give him the junk mail just to see his face light up when he says "Mail... for JAXON... Im JAXON" And im sure Jaxon will be even more thrilled when we take him to Toys R Us tomorrow to pic out his gift! Thanks again Cranbrook Crew! We love you!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The times they are a changing

There is nothing like living in a construction zone to remind you of how fast time is going by. We have lived here just a little shy of a year and we were one of the first homes. This was our view.... Now... There are maybe 3 empty lots and they have just started the other side of the street across from us. We will soon lose our view of the dump. Plus the Condos behind us are almost up so we have lost our view there as well.

Nothing too exciting to report here. I am just busy getting ready for Jaxon's Third birthday.Yikes... When did I get old enough to have a 3 yr old! Its going to be so fun. Its all about Robert Munsch and his stories. Im so excited, but stressed as I have tons to do still.
Since I thought I had lots of time I watched a movie the other day while the boys napped. Doubt. It was pretty good actually. Although Philip Seymour hoffman is one of my all time favorites so that made it pretty sweet to begin with. I thought it was very intriguing.
Another way to waste time is read... Im currently reading Inkspell by Cornelia funke... and I think Ill end there to continue the read!
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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Brothers and Best Friends

My Little Owen is growing up so fast. He started crawling about a month ago and now he is pulling up on things. He wants to walk and move and keep up with Jaxon so badly!

Jaxon was playing cars and Owen had to be right there. Then he realized he could use the shelf to get up on. Of course he started playing with the Wii... what a little gamer!

Owen loves to sleep on his tummy. He must of gotten that from me. But this means he hates sleeping in his chair because he cant roll over. While I left him napping in his chair while I went to work on some games for Jaxon's big birthday bash we have coming up. I heard him rolling around and this is what I found. So I left him like that. Yep Im that kind of mom. I figured that if he was too uncomfortable he would wake himself up. It took 10 minutes!

Jaxon got an early Birthday present from Mama and Papa... a Plasma Car. He loves it! He rides it outside. He rides it in the basement and he rides it in the kitchen. It goes everywhere! Today he wanted to give Owen a ride on it. So we helped Owen hop on.

Owen just adores Jaxon. He just lights up when Jaxon is around, and he wants to play with whatever Jaxon has. Every game is more fun if Jaxon is playing too! And Jaxon loves Owen too. He always gives him hugs and smooches and says "Owen you are my Best Friend" Melts my heart and makes me smile. I sure hope they stay best friends!
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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Water Fun

Here is another Houston shot. We had such a blast visiting Mama and Papa in Houston. We went to Kemah and they had this cool fountain there. Jaxon had so much fun playing in the water. He would run and then come runnign back to me and yell... "I got wet AGAIN!" He misses the warm weather now that we are home and talks about it all the time and how he misses playing outside. Good thing the weather hasnt been too bad here.

Owen had his 6 month shots today. He is such a trooper. Im not looking forward to grumpy pants tomorrow but what can you do. I had a good laugh though Jaxon didnt want to see Owen get his 'noodles' Oh Jaxon I love you. But its funny because Jaxon knows they arent noodles because if you ask him "Did you say noodles?" he says "No noodles" and then I say "Oh Needles" "Yeah mom thats what I told you!" He cracks me up!
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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Boy do I love this Boy

This is a shot of Jaxon on a Merry-go-round at the Houston Zoo. He loves them so much! He loves anything that goes around. He kept on saying "Everybody loves this!" He makes me laugh.
Today was a fun day with Jaxon. We had gymboree and went to Chapters and even got to play with Jaxons best buddies the Smiths. Here is a Special Shout out to Ashley Smith who braved getting 4 kids 3 and under ready for a little walk down the street with us! SHE IS THE BEST! I really needed that Grown up talk so Thanks Ashley!

As Promised... here is the Snickerdoodle Cupcake Recipe
3 Cups Flour
1 1/4 Tbsp Baking Powder
1 1/2 Tbsp Cinnamon
1 Cup Butter
1 3/4 Cups Sugar
4 Large eggs
2 tsp Vanilla
1 1/4 cup Milk

1) Preheat Overn to 350. Line Standard muffin tins. Sift together Flour, baking Powder and cinnamon
2)Cream butter and sugar until pale and Fluffy. Add eggs one and at a time until incorporated. Scraping down sides of bowl as needed. beat in Vanilla. Add flour in 3 additions, alternating with 2 additions of milk. Beat until just combined
3)Fill cups 3/4 full. Bake for 20 minutes (turning half way)
4) Frost (I just used a store bought icing since I didnt have the time, ok desire, to make my own) and then sprinkle cinnamon and vanilla sugar on top!
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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Yum Yum Yum!

We started Owen on Baby Food yesterday. They say to start with the yucky stuff so he got green beans and can I say how anticlimatic it was. I was expecting the face and the tears but no he chowed down! Once or twice there was a shudder but mostly he was quite excited to have a new flavor. But look at my little ham... I try to get candids on this guy but he loves the camera and insists on staring right at it all the time!

Speaking of new flavors I know a bunch of you are looking for my Snickerdoodle Cupcakes recipe that I made today... while I forgot it downstairs and Im not going back down there... so hopefully Ill post that tomorrow
Also really excited because it was stamp group tonight and I met a really nice girl named Claire that is moving in just down the street from me and Walden. YAY! It will be fun to have another friend so close. Look out Wisteria Lane looks like we will have our own Desperate Housewives on Walden Manor!
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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Home Sweet Home!

I know Ive been really bad about blogging while in Texas... we were too busy and I was too exhausted. But it was such a fun time. I really miss My mom and dad and I really hate travelling with kids... its just so long for my two active boys to be cooped up. But I am sure glad to be home. I love my home! And as much as Jaxon wishes that Mama and Papa were here or that we were at their 'new house' he still will smile and say "Ahhhh my home!"
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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My Everyday - Mar 2

Today we took Jaxon to the Childrens Museum. It turned out to be huge and realy cool And Jaxon was running all over and kept saying "I have too much to do"

Dad and I made this really cool arch way!

Jaxon loves cars. He was sad this one didnt move

Owen is such a trooper he really wanted to play too!
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My Everyday - March 1

Today we went to the Space Center. It wasnt very big but we still had alot of fun. Jaxon had fallen asleep on the way there but he woke up fast when he say the Martian playground

Astro Tim

Jaxon at Mission Control
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My Everyday - Feb 28

This is Moe... she painted us a picture... it was the highlight of my trip.

Jaxon got to pet Moe

I cant wait to get this framed and hang it on my wall
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