Friday, April 30, 2010

My Sweet Owen

Here is a pic of Owen enjoying his first cookie... he has since become a pro at it and gobbles them up super fast and then begs for more. Today was a good day. I spent the day getting ready for my Friend Ashley's surprise party. It was a fun night out! Happy Birthday!!! Jaxon was such a helper and thought that balloons were a must. Then he got super excited when I started blowing them up and said "Its my birthday again!"
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Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I woke up this morning to a winter storm warning... thats right... its almost May but we are getting snow... yippee...
Anyways... what have we been up too??? Owen is climbing my bookcases... oh the joy of it all... Jaxon has decided that after a week of being accident free it will not pee on the potty anymore... in fact I had to disinfect my entire bathroom before 7 am this morning has he decided to pee all over everything... but his potty... oh the joy increases!
Other then that Im just busy... I have lots of projects on the go and Im desperately trying to get a handle on all of them before I get swamped with the business of my new calling... dadada.
Owen and Jaxon are starting to get to be even more best friends as Owen can now play more. He loves to be chased my anyone but especially Jaxon. They play all day... and when he gets tired Jaxon tells me to be very quiet so Owen can nap.
Yesterday we went to Playtopia out in Okotoks. Its wonderful! Jaxon burnt off tons of energy and I got 2 hours where both boys napped that afternoon. FANTASTIC! Plus my picture taking friend Kim was there with her little man Joseph. So as an added bonus we booked in a time to get Family pictures taken! YAY!
Tonight we had dinner with the Selks. They are great people. It was so fun and the food was really yummy!
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Friday, April 23, 2010

My First Car

Last week we spent the week at Mama and Papa's house up in Edmonton. Jaxon was so excited to have them back in Edmonton. One day we were in the basement playing with all the toys... well me and Owen were... Jaxon was giving the water containers rides on the treadmill. Anyways... Owen fell in love with the big red car. And Yes my 7 month old is just such a ham that I cant get any candid shots because he always grins at the camera... At least its a cute grin.

He even got it moving a bit!

Jaxon was giving Owen a ride!
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Thursday, April 22, 2010


So its been a while since Ive posted anything. Its been a rough week. Both boys have been sick. But I sure do love them! Jaxon seems better... but he feel asleep at 5 tonight so we will see how the night goes... Owen seems ok during the day but had a really rough evening. Poor little trooper... I just wish both my boys would be healthy!
They are such good buddies... It melts my heart!
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Monday, April 19, 2010

One of those Days

Hello World! Did you think I had forgotten how to blog??? I have been up in Edmonton and I had every intention of bloggin up there but I really hate my moms computer and didnt want to try to put the pics on her computer. Yes I know I still havent gotten the new pictures uploaded... Ill have tim do that tonight so I can post some recent ones of my boys!?!
  But today was a day that had to be blog about... well actually it all started on Saturday... those with a low gross out factor should turn away now... Tim is feeding Owen and owen is just tooting like you wouldnt believe... lets just say I was glad when Tim had to change that diaper. Then on sunday it was some nasty diapers again... then Sunday night Owen started Puking... he will eat and then puke up 2/3 to all off the bottle... its nasty. Other then puking he seems ok... But onto the true adventure..
  Jaxon was up 3 times last night... so it was a tired day to begin with. Oh yeah yesterday my Engine light came on in the car... anyways... I had to get groceries today we had no food in the house. So Im stressed out driving around... and Im sure that light was getting brighter... I get to Safeway and discover that they have put ads on all the carts so now I cant clip the carseat onto the cart... which means I cant come shopping when Owen is napping... my life just got a whole lot suckier. Anyways... I always had to stop at the bank... buy the drive through bank was CLOSED... so I had to haul the kids inside... wait in line and then back to the car. Then I had to do Laundry since Owen has either pooped or puked on EVERYTHING. The time was then 10:30am yes thats right all this before lunch.
  But at least there was 2 highlights of the day. It was beautiful out... and we had our friends the Sheers over for dinner. They are so fun. Corbin and Jaxon are the same age... but Jaxon slept the whole time, while Corbin played with his toys... oh well!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Go Diego Go

This morning we were watching Go Diego Go... as always... and they had to save an Okapi and I am pleased to say I knew what it was because when we took the boys to the Houston Zoo (who are we kidding I would have gone even without the boys... I love zoos) they had an Okapi and I thought it was amazing! They are really cool looking creatures! Google them for yourself. On a side note... the Houston zoo is AMAZING!!! the best Zoo Ive ever been too! They have tons of animals and lots I had never heard of! It was so COOL!
Anyways... Im here in Edmonton. I had nothing going on this week so I thought since Mama and Papa were back Id take the boys up to visit. Lets face it... its a nice break for me too! (except at nights... ) But here is my drama for the day... I have been up since 4 disgusting I know! Then I looked out the window at an even more disgusting sight...SNOW. But the weather wasnt that bad... just a little window... and I went through an entire thing of washer fluid... well ok maybe not but Im out now... what can I say I like a clean window. But now Im here and we are relaxing.
We have some fun things planned but nothing set in stone. I guess we will just have to see what tomorrow holds. Right now Im just hoping the boys fall asleep soon so I can sleep too!
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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Too Tired

We have had a busy couple of days...Monday I went over to the Smiths for what was supposed to be a few minutes to watch the sleeping kids while Ashley and Trevor went to get the van from its Oil change... and a few minutes turned into a few hours! They are just so fun to chat with! Then Tuesday I babysat Elizabeth and Sammy... it was wild but Jaxon loved it... he kept on saying "I sure love Elizabeth and Sammy" Then on Wednesday we had dinner at the Smiths and got to Play Wii in the coolest home theater room Ive even seen! Good work Trevor. And then today... I threw an Unbirthday Party for Jaxon and some of his friends. It was basically just a play date with Cupcakes but it was a blast!
I am fighting a major miagraine today as the weather changed and it snow... hooray for calgary! BOO
Here are a couple pictures from Heritage Park a took Jaxon there with the Smiths a week or so ago... it was totally lame... it was supposed ot be "Things with Wings" But is sucked. But Jaxon loved the bikes. I have bought Passes to Heritage park so in the summer...if summer ever comes... we can do picnic play dates at Heritage Park

Jaxon is fixing the trike here... and yes that is Sammy Smith in the Background... I tell ya its a good thing Ashley is so cool because Jaxon insists on spending every waking moment with her kids!
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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Great Weekend!

What a great weekend its been! I didnt get as much done as I wanted too but thats how it always goes. On Friday I went up to Balzac and did some shopping with Stef! After that I sorta just puttered and did some little projects... like scrapbooks and cards. Im trying really hard to get the scrapbooks up to date (im getting really close!) and Im making 3 cards for a year kits for christmas presents this year. So there is a couple of my projects. We also went out to Okotoks for a little Easter Celebration.
Saturday was amazing! Stef is getting married so we went dress shopping. She got a gorgeous dress! She looks amazing in it! I cant wait for the big day. Im so thrilled for her. Then there was more spring cleaning and craft projects in the afternoon... and we went to the park with the Smiths. Jaxon was Thrilled as always to see Elizabeth and Sammy. He fell off the tire swing and now has a pretty sweet bruise on his arm. But he shows it off with pride. Im sure it wont be the last one he gets.
Sunday... I got an afternoon nap! (can you here the chorus of angels singing!) We also went to the little park here in Walden and Owen swung in the swing for the first time. He loved it! Then we had my brother over for dinner. We are excited that he is back in Calgary and we cna start our weekly dinners with him and he said he will even babysit for us! YAY!
And of course it was Conference weekend. I love conference. But with 2 kids its next to impossible to watch it and get anything out of it. So we PVRed it... I LOVE PVRs and Im really looking forward to watching them a little later.
So onto this picture. Jaxon loves laying next to Owen when he is sleeping. And then when Owen wakes up he is thrilled to see Jaxon next to him. Here they are holdind hands. What great brothers! I love my boys so much! We are so lucky.
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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Owen Loves to eat

Owen loves food! And he can find so many uses for it... it helps me grow, its a great hair gel and its the best finger paints in town! I dread feeding Owen because I know it means a bath will follow! But he just has so much fun eating.
And yes he is smiling at the camera... my 7 month old is a total ham. As soon as he sees a camera he will stop what he is doing look straight at the camera and grin. How is figured out to do that is beyond me but its really cute to watch and see!
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