Monday, May 31, 2010

3 Poopy Pants day

Well today was one of those sum it up Owen had 3 poopy pants... all you moms out there now know the kind of day I am talking about. My dad started off really great. Jaxon slept through the night again. We have him sleeping on his Cars air matress in our room and when he does that he sleeps through the night. I love it. He even slept in until 8am today... dont get too excited though... Owen was up twice in the night and woke up shortly after 7am. Why cant both my children get on the same sleeping schedule??? Once everyone was ready for the day we headed off to Walmart both boys were angels. Jaxon was excited to get a new car. He even found a forklift just like his buddy Corbin has and so our day has been filled with talk of Corbin. There was no rain today but no sun either. It was chilly but we still went out to the sandbox... for a few minutes at least. Then the boys came in and both slept the afternoon away. At first you will think that is a good thing... but that means Ill be up until midnight or so since they wont want to go to bed tonight. Tim was late coming home... again. Its always something. I love cooking. LOVE IT... but I have a hard time cooking when its just me... so its been a struggle. Tim leaves for work well before breakfast and doesn't come home until after dinner... Jaxon doesn't always like what is for dinner and Owen is too little to eat... so most days its like "Whats the point?"
Oh and Tim tells me he wants to put Jaxon back in his big bed tonight which means... no sleeping through the night for us tonight.
and now for some reason my type is underlined!!
So there you have it... a typical day in the life of me. 3 Poopy pants later!

Owen has also started opening cupboards... but he ALWAYS seems to slam them on his fingers. Poor kid.
Jaxon slept in his big boy underwear for the first time last night. YAY no accidents! We had also put the little training potty away and are just having Jaxon use the big potty. He still protest everytime he goes but Im sure that will pass by tomorrow. I dunno why he insists on using his little potty on the main floor since upstairs and at my moms house he will use a regular potty no problem. Funny boy.
Today is Monday so that means Family Home Evening. We had a lesson on respect. We had to match up different actions has either being respectful or disrespectful. Jaxon did really well. So now I guess we just need to see him apply it!
Another great thing about Mondays... TOP CHEF MASTERS. I love it! Today was all about tailgating. It made me hungry. I wish I was a chef. Add that to the list right?!?! I love Tailgating food... Don't you?? What's your favorite Tailgate food??
Oh yeah and I did notice that after the picture my type is no longer underlined... I dunno what happened... but Im not too concerned.
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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Hot Wheels Heaven

In case you were unaware... Our house is a hot wheels heaven. Jaxon LOVES hot wheels. He will play with them for hours everyday. We use them as prizes... when he is good in the store he gets a new one... before he was potty trained he would get one as potty prizes. The best part is they are crazy cheap... only a dollar. But its getting harder to find ones we dont already have. When we go to the store Jaxon knows exactly which ones we already have. We currently have around the 150 mark. But Jaxon got super excited while playing with Corbin's cars because he had ones that he didn't. Jaxon is now on the look out for a hot wheels Garbage truck and forklift.
Jaxon has passed on his passion for cars to Owen. Owen loves playing with anything that Jaxon plays with so for the most part that means Hot Wheels!
One day Owen crawled right into the Hot Wheels drawer. (yes that drawer is entirely full of Hot Wheels) I think it hurt his knees has he tried to crawl out!

Today we had a special Nation wide conference for church. What I saw of it was really good. But I didnt see much because 2 hours is a long time in Jaxon time. So much of my time was in the hall. I am now toying with the idea of getting some Quiet books made up for him and Owen.
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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Book Review

     I love weekends! Even if the weather is crappy... really snow at the end of may... gross. But that means I got alot of reading since we were stuck in the house. I have started reading the Fablehaven series. Sure its meant for younger the 12-14 age group... so I sometimes find the story line weak... but when you are running on little to no sleep it makes for an easy read! I actually am really enjoying them. I just finished the second book, Rise of the Evening Star. The ending really has been excited to read the third. But I think Ill try reading a grown up book first!

Today was a great day in my house. I finally got all the spring dejunking done. I got rid of all the broken toys and old shoes. I even organized my craft area. It was wonderful!
To Celebrate I scrapbooked! I got all the pictures I took at the Children's Museum in Houston done. I'm actually getting really close to getting all of my scrapbooks up to date. YAY! Even better then that though is Im actually getting projects crossed off my project list. I had a list of 25 and now Im down to 12. HOORAY! I always wish I could get the list completely gone... but really I have no idea what Id do with out some project and knowing me that will never happen since I always think of something to do!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Bride Wars

   Today was a great day. I wasn't looking forward to another TV day with Jaxon but really couldn't think of anything to do today. But good news for us our friends Chelsea and Corbin and Berkley Sheer called and wanted us to come and play. Jaxon had so much fun! And I think Chelsea is pretty cool too so it was fun for me too! I work with Chelsea in the Relief Society, Im loving getting to know her and think we are in the same mind set. She is also a great mom. Everytime I spend time with her I have a renewed desire to be more patient and happy with my children. YAY Chelsea! and YAY Corbin and Berkley! Jaxon truly did have a blast and has been talking about going to the beach all day!
Speaking things I finally watched... Season Finales! Most of the ones I watched were pretty lame. I loved House... CSI NY was good... CSI was extremely lame... Greys was AMAZING... Survivor was retarded! But by far the worst one this season was Bones. I love that show and this has got to be the worst season finale ever... it was sorta like the writers went on summer vacation and left all the interns to write the finale... BOO!
   Playing really wore my boys out today. They both took naps... so I watch a movie. Bride Wars. It was a fun way to kill some time but I wouldn't watch it again. It was pretty predictable.  But I don't get many chances to watch shows not starring Diego or Dora or Spongebob so I still enjoyed myself.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Better View

Hey do you know what is my favorite sight in the world??? Snow on May 27th...if you cant tell Im totally rolling my eyes. oh and its not just a dusting... we are covered in a thick layer... BOO! The best part was that Jaxon is totally put out. He HATES snow and the cold and winter. (He is my son) Hopefully it doesnt last long... although from what Im told its here for a few days.... BOO! Notice the Sunshine in this picture... ya it was taken weeks ago. But the boys loved the view then. not so much now.
So what did we do today??? We had a pajama day. I loved it. Jaxon suggested it. It was wonderful. The only down side was that the TV was on almost all day. I hate those days. I am trying to keep the TV off more but today was bad. We were stuck in the house and I was surprised to be stuck in the house so I hadn't planned anything fun. It was a bad mom day today. Owen was sorta grouchy too... teeth. But this afternoon Owen slept for 3 hours and Jaxon slept for an hour too... so its a long night ahead of us!
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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Ode to Leah

Lets start this off with an Ode to Leah! After not seeing her for months our schedules finally matched up and we went out for Cheesecake. I love Cheesecake... and I love Leah. It was so great to have a night out. Leah is the one person in this world who knows me better then my parents! Its nice to talk to her because she just gets me. I ranted and raved and laughed! It was great. My life would be greatly different and alot greyer if Leah wasnt in it! I LOVE YOU!
This afternoon was INSANE. Poor Ashley is sick and Trevor had to work so I took their 3 kids for the afternoon. But we also had Kim and Joseph over. So at one point there were 6 kid 3 and younger to 2 adults. My House was insane. And it was distroyed! At least part of the afternoon was nice enough for them to play outside! I think both my boys will sleep good tonight.
My Mom and Dad got back from England yesterday. So I talked to Mom today. They had a really nice time. Im jealous!
Here is a picture of Owen with a bucket on his head. he thinks its so funny when we do that. He crackes up and trys to take it off.
Speaking of Owen He has 2 more teeth. today two more teeth pop through and he has a third one that will most likely show up tomorrow... so as you can imagine he has been miserable... or at least as miserable as Owen gets. hopefully tomorrow is a good day!
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Monday, May 24, 2010

Ode to My Sister

We got to spend the weekend with Rachel. HOORAY The Boys were thrilled. She is such a great auntie. She really loves my boys. It was super fun to spend time with her... even though we arent the most exciting bunch. Sorry Rachel. We took turns kicking each others butts in Phase 10 and Scrabble. But Im pretty sure I won the Princess of Power title there. We were in bed around 10 or shortly there after... yeah look at us... we are party animals. Rachel kept on saying "Thats ok Im trying to keep my hours on Hamilton time anyways" But I think she was just humouring us. She was up around 7 every morning with us though. So much for a quiet weekend eh Rachy. She had to leave this evening... sad day here!
This is Jaxon in his birthday present from Rachel. She had a shirt made for him. Its a scene from Thomas' Snowsuit (his favorite) on the front and on the back it reads "Robert Munsch's Biggest Fan" Even though Im pretty sure Im Mr Munsch's biggest fan Ill let Jaxon wear it with Pride. HOORAY FOR ROBERT MUNSCH.
Tim was surprisingly Productive this weekend. (Thats so unlike him!... no really it is) He put together the play structure and put on the lettering on the toy chest and the new art in my kitchen. He even got started on getting the speakers mounted on the wall. YAY!
So we are thinking of enlarging our backyard. We are toying with the idea of sodding over half of the parking pad. Yes we have two cars but tim usually parks out front... so its sorta wasted space. Plus with Two overly active boys we need all the running/climbing room we can get.
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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Chuck E Cheese's

The Other week while we were in Edmonton we took Jaxon to Chuck E Cheese's to celebrate him being potty trained. He had a blast! it was so cute to watch him testing out all the rides and games. He didn't eat any of the pizza because he was too busy playing! He even won some tickets and cashed them in for a prize. It was great! Now he has something every special to look forward to whenever we go to Mama and Papa's! He can't wait to go back.

This has been a great long weekend. My sister Rachel came in to see the boys. They LOVE their Auntie Rachel! Jaxon calls her whenever he cant see her. "Oh Auntie Rachel... Where are you???"
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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Music Man

Owen really loves music. He dances and sings all the time. I love it. Jaxon was never like this. He sings the songs he learns in Nursery (or from the TV) but he wont dance. Anyways... when we were at Mama and Papa's house a week ago Owen discovered the Piano. He loves it! He now insists on playing it all the time.

Jaxon and Owen playing a duet

Our long weekend has started off really nice. My sister Rachel flew in to visit the boys. They love her! Owen hardly made stange with her at all. Jaxon has been her little shadow... or rather he forces her to be his shadow.
Another highlight... Tim has completed our play structure. Jaxon is beyond thrilled that he has his very own park. Im sure we will be out there all the time now. YAY! Im super excited for this summer! We are going to play all the time! Thanks go to Andrew Sheer for coming and helping set the structure up (and thanks to Chelsea too for giving us Andrew!) and Also Duncan come to help out! THANKS!
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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me

Today was my birthday! It was a really great day! I spent the morning making Invites to the RS thing we have coming up with my friend Chelsea (and it was actually really fun, even though it was my birthday) Then I had McDonalds for Lunch with Jaxon and then BPs for dinner and my Sweet Steffy watch the boys so me and Tim could have Ice cream and go pick out my gift. Then my partner in Crime Ashley stopped by to drop off a little gift too! I have the sweetest friends! I am so blessed.
Jaxon was an extra good boy today for me which was the best present ever! He kept on giving me hugs and smooches. I just love him! Owen gave me two nice long naps... another great gift. Tim got me a netbook. I was going to do a laptop but I liked the small size on the netbooks better and really they will work for what I need/want/know how to do on a computer. Im super excited! Its red and I got a pink travel case. LOVE IT!
Anyways... Here are some pictures from Day out with Thomas. Sorry it took me a while to get them on here. It was such a fun time. This is also a tribute to the Smiths... I dunno what we would do without you guys. Jaxon has gone almost 2 weeks without seeing Sammy and Elizabeth and he is going nuts! He misses them so much. Im glad that we live so close!

All the kids on the train

Family shot with Thomas
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Monday, May 17, 2010

Summer days!

I wish everyday was like today! It was gorgeous out! I just seem to have more energy on these days! And the boys are always way happier! Im just in a good mood all around. I had thought about heading to the zoo today but it was actually too warm for that. Ill save it for a day when its only like 19 degrees or something. We just hang out at home in the sandbox. We had the kiddie pool set up but the boys wanted sand today. This was Owens first time in the sand box and he loved it. He even had to eat some sand. But Owen loves doing anything that Jaxon is doing.
Jaxon told me today that he loves beautiful days... but not winter. He is definately my son!



Another highlight... Tim went out tonight and bought us a play structure. YAY! So now he just needs to put it all together. YAY! I dont know who is more excited... me or the boys!
I had my first RS meeting meeting last night... man oh man I hope Im up for this! YIKES
I made yummy cupcakes today. Blondie ones... so good... but I feel bad for Trevor who couldnt have any because of the nuts... so tomorrow Ill bake a special treat just for him! Sorry again Trevor!
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Thursday, May 13, 2010

I Love Summer

The weather has been really nice here in Edmonton the last couple of days! It almost feels like summer! We have been busy checking out all the parks around Beaumont. Jaxon loves the swings and getting "under the ducks" as he calls them. Owen likes the swings alot too. I think tomorrow we are heading over to West Eddy. Which will be fun!
I have started to miss having my scrapbookingstuff around. I miss doing cards and getting caught up on my scrapbooks! Looks like I will have a crafty week when I get back, if I have time that is. Looking ahead it looks like I have a busy week to welcome me home. Oh well being busy makes the days go by faster.
We tried out a wonderful recipe last night for dinner. It was a turkey meatball sub. There are some things Id change about it of course but It was really yummy. Tonight is Pad Thai... I love food!
Im super excited for CSi tonight! Ill be super bugged it Ray isnt Dr Jekyll! Im always so sad when seasons come to an end, but I love Season Finales.
I also went clothes shopping! HOORAY! I spent way too much but I love new clothes!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

So much to do!

   Life is always so busy here in Edmonton. But its great. My Boys sleep wonderfully out here! It was a bit of a rough night for me... I'm super sick... just a cold and a crazy sore throat... I'm hoping the boys don't get it.
  So what have we been up to??? Well... We took Jaxon (and Owen) to Chuck E Cheese's. He loved it. I told him as long as he doesn't have any accidents we will go again. And it seems to be working. I think its safe to say we are potty trained now. HOORAY!
   We went to Chapters too and I bought 5 new books.. the first 4 Percy Jackson books (the 5th is only hardcover and I'm not willing to spend that much on a hardcover) and the Boy in the striped Pajamas... I'm super excited to read them! I love books!
  Yesterday was Papas birthday! Happy Birthday Papa! Jaxon said we all had to hide and then jump out and say Surprise! I think he got that idea from Ashley's party since I hate surprise parties and so have never done one but hers. I'm too much of a planner to like Surprises myself!
  Mama was sweet enough to watch Owen and I was able to take Jaxon swimming. It was awesome to spend some one on one time with him. Swimming was fun too. Jaxon was counting links on the lane ropes and counted to 29 by himself and then counted all the way to 100 only with help on the tens... after 29 comes 30 after 39 comes 40. But the Impressive part to me was that he counted backwards from 100 too with the help on the tens again. OH and he also wrote a J in the tub last night. Super smart kid I have here..
  So I'm going to try and post a picture here... but I dunno how so if I post with out a pic you know I couldn't figure it out... but if there is one then YAY ME

Monday, May 10, 2010

Easier on the Eyes

So, while Amanda has taken over the blog with the status updates and such, I have decided to take over the aesthetics of the site, to make it a little bit easier to read. The black background we had before, would make my eyes hurt if I was looking at it for too long. And I can only imagine that it would do the same for you, our readers. So I have (hopefully) made things a little easier to read. Now I know that I am not very artsy when it comes to matching colors together (just ask my wife when I dress myself), but I think these colors will do (for now) until Amanda comes back from Edmonton and tells me which colors need changing. I am also working on some banners to include on the side of the site... stay tuned.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Day out with Thomas

I don't have the pictures on the computer yet but Ill work on that. But I wanted to post an update. Yesterday we took the boys to Heritage Park for Day out with Thomas.We got to go with our bestest buddies the Smiths. It was a lot of fun. It was just a tad chilly but it was still a great morning. We got to ride Thomas the tank engine and do mazes and have a wagon ride and even find a Hiro train for Jaxon's train set. Plus we learned that there is a new Thomas Movie coming to Theaters in Sept... so now we have a date to take Jaxon to his first movie theater in Sept. Cant wait!
  Now we are in Edmonton...well Tim is in Calgary but me and the boys are up here. HAHAHA no snow here suckers back home. We have lots of fun things planned. We are currently doing Laundry... which Jaxon loves. Tomorrow we will go swimming and to Chuck E. Cheese. We also need to go to Chapters and the library and maybe the used book store this week. Plus lots and lots of swimming! We are going to have so much fun! As an added bonus Uncle Kris is coming in tonight! Jaxon will be thrilled to be uncle Kris. He loves when my brother chases him!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wishing for Warmer days

These pictures were taken a month ago... on conference weekend. I was freezing then. I remember wishing for warmer weather then... if only I knew what was coming. Today I'm wishing it was at least as warm as it was on this day. BOO SNOW.

Today Jaxon got his hair cut. (are you happy auntie Rachel???) He looks way too grown up for my liking. Where did my little boy go... today he was such a little man. He has been such a good boy today. We both have cabin fever but neither one of us wanted to go outside. Owen has had a rough day... still no teeth.
Today was also McHappy day... so we celebrated by eating Happy meals. Jaxon loves them and ate the entire thing. I think he must be growing.
I'm starting to try and come up with fun Enrichment ideas... since that's my new calling... I'm trying really hard to be excited about it! So anyone out there have any great ideas???
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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I want to hold Owen

Lately Jaxon loves holding Owen. He always wants to hold him and wrestle him. Owen loves any attention that Jaxon gives him. Its pretty fun watching them play together.
Owen's teeth are so close to being in. I pray every day that they show up... he is miserable! Well as miserable as Owen ever is. Owen has also started crawling on his feet... he doesnt like being on his knees so he uses his feet... I wonder how long until he walks... hmmm... my life is going to get crazy!
So does anyone have any ideas as to where the spring weather is??? I was carrying Jaxon to the car today and he said "I hate winter" Me too... he then asked to move some place warm. I think thats a great Idea buddy!
Tim got his marks back today and he passed! YAY... so now he has only one more class to take in Sept. and then hopefully he will be done for a while. Hooray for me when that happens!

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Monday, May 3, 2010

Sleeping through the night

It's Amazing what a little sleep can do! The boys have been really good at night lately and I even got a full nights sleep last night. So today was a productive day! I made 8 cards, 1 12x12 Scrapbook page, 2 8x8 Scrapbook pages, did 5 loads of Laundry, cooked dinner and even baby sat Bailey Miller. It was a great day.
I put Jaxon in big boy underwear today. I think it went ok. He had 3 accidents but he was able to catch himself each time and finish on the potty. So hopefully progess is being made.
Here is a pic of Owen. This kid sleeps great and can sleep anywhere... He knows that the little couch is for his naps. The other day I was all caught up with Jaxon and I found that Owen had crawled over to the couch and couldnt flip it out... image that my 8 month old couldnt flip out the couch... so he fell sleep on it by just resting his head. Love him!
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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Weekend coming to an end

Our weekend is coming to an end. So sad... but Im in good spirits and hope that this coming up week will see the return of Jaxon peeing on the potty. I got my new calling today... Im the RS meeting coordinator... Yep... thats right Im terrified. I have no clue what to do! So any fun Enrichments that you had done let me know!
Also... there was a mix up with Jaxon's preschool... its a long story but it has a happy ending. Jaxon gets to go to class three days a week Mondays, wednesdays and Fridays at the two day a week Price. I have to commend Leap n Learn on great costumer service and a higher then expected care for there future students. They were great and have made every possible effort to make this as perfect as can be for Jaxon. Im thrilled and sad... what will I do without my little man for 3 mornings a week???? Ill sure miss him!
Jaxon just cracks me up! He keeps telling Owen "You are my best friend in the deep blue sea" I have also taught him to say "Step back fool" and I think the next saying I will teach him is "Its on like Donkey Kong!"
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Saturday, May 1, 2010

I love Saturdays

Now this is how Saturdays are supposed to go. The kids slept pretty good at night... I had a bath in the morning (YAY) and then we just hung out and did little chores all morning. We took the kids swimming in the afternoon and had Boston Pizza for dinner. LOVE IT! The only hiccup was that we went to the Okotoks pool and it was closed today.. so we had to drive back into calgary and go to Southland.
We also looked at Play structures for the backyard... but since we have such a little backyard Tim is thinking he will make one that will fit. PLEASE DO IT FAST SWEETIE...
Now its bedtime... stories for Jax and hopefully he will doze off soon. Here is a pic of Owen holding his favorite toy... his maraca... he loves all sorts of Music.
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