Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Heritage Park

At Christmas Time mom got us Heritage Park Passes, which was the most perfect gift. We already have tons of toys, and Jaxon loves going places and doing stuff so this was an ideal gift. I love it. Today we went with Auntie Leah. It had been a while since we had seen her but the boys were super excited. Owen didnt even make strange! Owen is too little for the rides so I need to bring another grown up along with me so I can ride with Jaxon!
Jaxon on the little Ferris Wheel. He loved it and felt like such a big boy for going on it by himself!

Auntie Leah and Jaxon on the BIG ferris wheel. Thanks to Auntie Leah for going on that one since this Mom is terrified of the Ferris Wheel!

Jaxon on the Carousel

Owen on the Carousel... he didnt seem too impressed by it.
It was a gorgeous day! We had so much fun. Thanks again auntie Leah! We owe you one!
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Monday, June 28, 2010

My Little climbers

So it looks like Owen will take after Jaxon and be a climbing machine. Which means Im pretty sure the nurses in urgent care will get to know me by name! Im only have kidding on that statement.

No owen is not some freakishly tall little boy....

he pushed Jaxon's plasma car over to the couch and climbed on up.
Speaking of Owen... he is growing so fast. Today he held one of my hands and walked down the hall along side me... all the way from the tub to the stairs. Its pretty fun. Im sure he will be walking on his own really soon. I cant believe he is already 10 months old... yesterday!
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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Busy Day

Today was a busy day. It started bright and early with Owen getting up at 6am... Jaxon slept in past 730... why cant my kids coordinate sleep in days so I can sleep in too!?? But it was good that I got up and moving since I had to get everything ready for the favorite color party we had today. To read about that fun go to my other blog http://www.thatkindamom.blogspot.com/
  But the fun didnt stop there... after lunch we headed off to the beach! Jaxon was thrilled. I love having a beach just down the road! It was super fun to hang out with Brooke and Ingrid and to watch Jaxon follow Ingrid's 6 yr old Evan around... Jaxon thought it was as cool as the big boy!
  Now Jaxon is napping... But Ill wake him up soon for a tub. He is sleeping sitting up on the couch. I Love it!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Owen's First Haircut

Today was a big day in our household. Little Owen got his first hair cut. He made it almost 10 months before we had to cut his hair. A big thanks to Ruth Fullmer for doing such a great job on it. Owen really didnt like getting his hair cut but he didnt cry. He just tried to get away. So I guess it was ok... it could have been worse. Now he looks like such a big boy! Although I kind of miss his boy band look.


About to start cutting, wearing the super cute dino cape.

All Done...owen looks just wiped!
Jaxon got his hair cut too and the big news there is that normally he wants to sit on my lap but today he sat all by himself like he was an old pro! Ruth Promised him a sucker but forgot at the end... Jaxon and I didnt remember until later that afternoon when Jaxon stopped playing cars and said "Hey! Ruth didnt give me a sucker... she forgot!" It was pretty funny to me!
Well Im off to bed... I should stay up and get ready for the Favorite color party tomorrow but Im really just too tired.
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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Boring day

Today was a boring day. But I thought Id post the pictures from the beach I took yesterday. They boys had so much fun. Jaxon wanted to go back today! But even just the thought of going out in the sun made my legs burn! But just in case someone out there is worried about me, they are already turning blotching and returning to their normal albino-ness.

Jaxon and Sammy playing on the big rock

Owen Was so excited. He loves our sandbox and so he fell in love with the beach!

Ashley and I park ourselves on the beach right next to the park. That way the kids could run back and forth and we didnt even have to move! Jaxon Loves this park because it has a digger!

Snack time!
Tomorrow will be an exciting day for us. Owen is getting his first hair cut. He is growing up so fast!
I made a really yummy supper tonight... Im posting about it on the other blog check it out
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Monday, June 21, 2010

First Day Of Summer

We welcomed summer they way we should... by going to the beach! I love leaving so near to Lake Chaparral and I LOVE that Ashley now has a lake card. because we will now be at the Lake ALL the time. Today we spent our morning there... then come home and headed over to the Smiths house to play in the sprinkler. We even had a picnic outside for dinner. AWESOME. Now I am by no means an outside person... I dont hike or do outdoorsy things... but give me the heat, the sun and a good book and Ill stay out for hours!
But With all that sunshine I enjoyed I got burnt... bad! But Im not looking for sympathy because ill do it again tomorrow. My scalp, arms and chest are all red but its my legs that are the worst. They seem to have passed from the red shades to a weird maroon shade.
My Boys love summer and being outside. Here is Owen enjoying the slide. He has figured it out and loves it. He gets so excited when we put him up to slide. Oh... I dont know if I mentioned it but he also took his first steps on Friday. He didnt realize that he was no longer holding the couch and just started walking... until he noticed the lack of support then he sat down. Today he has been experimenting with standing on his own so Im sure in a week or two he will be motoring.

Owen Also loves when tim Tosses him in the air

Jaxon wanted a turn too. But for some reason tim couldnt toss him quite so high!
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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Lovin' Summer

Another Beautiful day... I love it! Bring on the Sunshine and heat... although having lived in Ontario no Alberta heat will ever really be HOT. But we did spend lots of time outside again today. Owen has figured out how to slide down the slide. Tim will put him on it and he will sit there and wait... then he thrusts forward and slides down, mostly on his back. He loves it and giggled the entire time. Jaxon has figured out racing and tag. In Nursery today he was getting people to race him. they would line up on the wall and then jaxon would say "Ready... Go!" and today in the backyard he would run around saying "Tag your it!" Funny guy... he is growing up soooooo fast!

Owen LOVES freezies! yep Im that kind of mom... all the experts say not to give them sugar until like 2 or something... whatever! As soon as we started Owen on solid foods he figured out how to beg... now we share freezies and cookies and cupcakes... Hmmm... sorta makes me think I need to eat healthier to share healthy snacks with owen.
But Today is Father's day so here is a special message to my Daddy! I LOVE YOU! you are the best! you are such an amzing dad. I am so blessed to have you in my life. You are a great spiritual giant and I have been blessed to get to build my testimony on a rock solid foundation provided by you. Thank you! And from Owen and Jaxon bigs hugs too. They both adore their Papa. Jaxon thinks Papa is the funnest person in the world and both my kiddies know they can get away with anything when Papa is around. HAPPY FATHER'S DAY. PS... since I didnt get you a gift Ill make you a Chocolate peanut butter pie when you are here this weekend!
Also A HAPPY FATHERS DAY to Tim! Jaxon made him a super adoreable Fathers day craft in nursery. It was a bottle of Dad's Root beer with a tie on it that said "To the best Pop in the world!'' or something like that... Ill post a pic on my other blog... check it out!
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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Sunshiney days

I love days that are sunny! Today was a wonderful day! It was bright and sunny and hot... ok maybe not hot hot but warm at least. We spent most of the day outside... since the good weather never seems to last long here. We started by celebrating Jaxon's little buddy Joseph's 3rd birthday! It was a Rocket Themed party. Jaxon and Owen had a blast. And the food was awesome. Good Job Kim! Then we spent the afternoon in and out of our backyard in the sandbox and on the 'park' I think Im burnt again... but I love it!

Last night was awesome. One of my Bestest Friends in the whole world Stef is getting married in a week... so it was time for the stagette. Yeah I know... mormon girls get a little crazy! We got temporay tattoos, gave sexy gifts, had an at home spa night, drank Mocktails, and watched a chick flick... I was out until after midnight... can you believe it?!?! I was shocked too!
Speaking of Mocktails... I have started a new blog and I expect all you out there to start reading that one too... so CHECK IT OUT!!!
On there you will find one of the mocktails I made for the party last night!
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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Mr Sun...we miss you

Today was another rainy day. We hate rainy days in this house. I hate them because well I just hate rain and the boys and I are stuck inside so the house is a diaster and the TV is on nonstop! ARGH! Jaxon is my sun loving kid and im sure owen will be too... so they were both really bugged. Jaxon was yelling at the Rain... "GO AWAY"
We did make it up to dollarama today. That store is so great. I love it. they have some pretty good stuff for a dollar or two. There is one of my pet peeves... everything in Dollarama should be ony a dollar.
But since we were stuck in the house all day I got lots done. I cleaned/disinfected the kitchen, I got two scrapbook pages done, I made snickerdoodles and even made up a new Chipotle chicken Noodle soup in my slow cooker. (Ill be sure to post the recipe soon)
Last night was stamp club... I love it! But Last night we made the the most difficult cards... it took me hours and they still didnt work right! ohwell... at least they look cute! (kindof)
Obviously this picture was not taken today. its my Ode to the sun who never seems to visit anymore.

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Monday, June 14, 2010

What a fun day!

Today I woke up and thought I had a really boring day ahead of me. But I was wrong. Chelsea called us and we went to Heritage Park. Jaxon was thrilled to play with Corbin. To make it even better we met Ashley there too so Sammy and Elizabeth were there as well. It was quite a huge herd of us but it was fun. We rode the train and all the midway rides and even the ferrie... although that ride was a bit long for jaxon. While on the Train Jaxon looked and Corbin and said "Elizabeth and you are my best friends" I thought it was pretty sweet. jaxon is so lucky to have so may fun friends and Im so lucky to have fun mom friends too! Thanks Ladies! Both Owen and Jaxon fell asleep on the way home which made for a wonderful afternoon for me watching Top Chef Masters uninterupted.
Then one of my closest and dearest friends in the world, Stef, came over. And we went shopping! Tim had to work late (again) so we just took the boys with us. I must say I was impressed with how good they were. Having the strollers with the cartoons was a huge help!
I just love this pic of the the boys. Owen loves to climb into the drawers and Jaxon was just being silly! I amso lucky to have two really sweet and for the most part good boys.
Dinner was so good tonight... I made pizza... I love pizza... I tried a new recipe. I made a korean BBQ steak pizza... YUMMY!
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Saturday, June 12, 2010

A little Taste of Summer

Today was a BEAUTIFUL day. I love summer days like this. I wish everyday was like this. It was a perfect day for Garage sale-ing... so Mom and I took off to the Annual Chaparral Community Parade of Garage Sales. We didnt find anything and it was a little disappointing but it was such a nice day we were just glad to be out walking. (and burning off all the extra calories we had been eating lately)
Once we got home it was time to play outside with the boys. I am thrilled with how our backyard has come together. Jaxon loves his sandbox and pool and park. We spent hours outside today... and now Im a lovely shade of Lobster red. but it was and always will be totally worth it.
The Cherry on top today was that we had Peter's Drive In... is there anything better then Peter's Drive In?? I Doubt it!

Tomorrow looks like another Beautiful day so we are leaving the pool filled and ready for more swimming fun. I cant wait. The rest of the week looks pretty lame weather wise but we will soak up as much sun as we can! I LOVE SUNSHINE
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Getting so Big

Yesterday I took Jaxon to his preview session for preschool. He had so much fun. I was nervous that he would only want to stay if I was there too.... but after 5 minutes of me waiting around there with him he looked at me and said "Get out of here... go to safeway already!" So I left and he did wonderful the teacher said. She even said he was an excellent listener... I know... Jaxon.. I was pretty shocked. But now Jaxon is super excited for the Fall so he can go back.
I am sorta excited too. I got so much done while he was at school. I had no kids... my mom was in town to watch Owen. But Even when I only have 1 kids to look after I will get so much accomplished... at least thats what I tell myself so I wont think about how much Ill miss Jaxon.
I was looking forward to going out an a date with my husband last night. All of you that know me know that I am HIGHLY selective about who I leave my boys with (especially now that Owen makes strange) so Me and Tim dont get many date nights. But I thought since my parents were in town it would be a great time... but it didnt work out...go figure!
Jaxon and I have a new game... we play tag with the camera. He runs around the yard while I try to get a picture of him. He thinks its so funny and I end up with some great shots! HAHAHAHA I think they are hilarious!
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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Life is an Adventure

Today was another busy day here in Edmonton. They always seem to be. We started off by heading to safeway to get the needed ingredients for out new recipes the next few dinners. Im so looking forward to tomorrows Thai Sloppy Joes with Cilantro peanut coleslaw. Tonight we had Cajun Pasta... Delisious!
So Im thinking Owen has almost his first few words. He know says Mama and Papa as he is crawling towards them... Im not saying he is talking yet but its still pretty cute.
My Boys sure does need to get his first hair cute!
This afternoon me and Jaxon went to the pool. It was really fun. They have a really twirly slide and at the bottom the water splashes up over your head. Jaxon actually really loved it!
Then after dinner it was off to the Park... we got a third of the way there when Jaxon tried to pick up dog poop. "What this?" Then he drove off the sidewalk and fell into a puddle... so we had to go home get him dry and clean the plasma car before we could continue onto the park. then at the park he face planted off the swing and had rock imprints on his face. Adventures!
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Monday, June 7, 2010


I am exhausted. Today was another fun filled day here at Mama and Papa's house. It started with a quick walk to the park before the rain came. We made it home just in time! Then it was off to Walmart where Jaxon got to pick out two new cars and lots of stickers and activity books to do in the house since it was rainy. Then it was off to Dollarama to find a claw for Jaxon's friend Joseph. Mission accomplished there! And of course it was a Happy Meal lunch day. But the most fun was when we got home... laundry day. Almost everyday is Laundry day at Mama and Papas and Jaxon loves it. Then it was off to the Library. Jaxon got 11 books for story time. He loves the Library! Im so glad. I even picked out some recipe books to look like while I am here. But the most excitement was dinner... Chuck e Cheese... It was a riot. Jaxon had so much fun and we won lots of Tickets and Jaxon got to pick out 3 prizes. he was Thrilled. Now its time for bed...we are exhausted!
here are some pictures from the Childrens Fest a few days ago

Jaxon's Favorite part was the bouncy house

Owens Favorite part was Fred Penner (Owen loves music!)
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Saturday, June 5, 2010

So Much Fun At Mama and Papa's House

We woke up this morning at Auntie Debbie's and Jaxon was eager to hit the road to come up to Mam and Papas house here in Edmonton. We have had a busy fun day! Jaxon is SOOOOO happy! He got to help Papa mow the lawn,

He Chased down his first ice cream truck... in his under wear no less... how what trash is that! Running after the ice cream truck in his underwear. Love it..

Jaxon is a great big brother and so he shared with Owen. But Owen wasnt satisfied with what Jaxon was willing to share so I had to share my freezing with him. Today was a good day!
What does our week hold??? Eating... lots of yummy food... tonight we made Orange/Kumquat Chicken. Other meals include Thai Sloppy joes with Chilatro peanut coleslaw, Cajun Pasta, Korean BBQ Beef, Pomegrante BBQ Chicken and of course our traditional Chuck E Cheese visit!
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Friday, June 4, 2010

The Best Kept Secret!

   Today I discovered one of Alberta's best Kept Secrets. The Central alberta Children's festival in Red Deer. It was AMAZING!  I am really just so impressed the more I think about it. It was $5 a person or $15 a family. So all of us (Mama and Papa [Nelson], Tim, Me, Jaxon and Owen) were only $15. And once you got in everything was FREE... yes I that word still exists! Water, fruit, rice krispie squares, fire man hats (plastic ones) water bottles... all free!
   Owen loved loved loved watching the Fred Penner concert. Owen is my Music man. It was so fun to go to a concert with my boys. I loved Fred Penner when I was a kid so it was fun to share it with my boys.
    Jaxon loved the playground and he was too funny at the bubble wrap popping station. They had sheets of plywood wrapped in bubble wrap for the kids to stomp on. Jaxon was thrilled. They also had bouncy houses and craft stations adn face painting and wacky hair stations. But since Jaxon is my neat freak kid the face painting and wacky hair were no gos. But everything else was awesome!
   We will for sure make this one of our family traditions!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Bourbon Chicken

    I love bourbon chicken/shrimp. LOVE IT. Did I hear a gasp from the audience??? (what a mormon who eats food cooked in alcohol?!?) Get over it... all the alcohol burns off in the cooking process. So Im totally fine with it. But I have never been able to make my own version since while I am totally fine eating food cooked in alcohol, I can not bring myself to by wine or in this case bourbon. So Ive never been able to make my own... until now! My mom found me a Bourbon chicken recipe... that has no bourbon. I know... I as sceptical too... but exists and tastes great. Here is the recipe... but I changed it to make it my own.
2 lbs chicken breasts, cut into strips.
2 Tbsp Olive Oil
2 cloves garlic, crushed
1 tsp ginger
1 Tbsp crushed red pepper flakes
1/4 cup apple juice
1/2 cup brown sugar
1 1/2 Tbsp Ketchp
1 tbsp Vinegar
1/2 cup Water
1/4 cup Soy sauce

Cook the chicken in a pan. Bring all the other ingredients to a boil in a pot. Once the chicken is cook pour the sauce over the chicken and simmer, stirring every so often for about 10-15 minutes.

  While its really good on its own... I think it would be great on a toasted Bun with coleslaw on top.. YUM!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Welcome back old Friend

I'd like to start today but welcoming back my dear friend Mr Sun. He is a great companion who has been dearly missed. When I say him today I spent my time with him begging him to never leave me again!
    Today was crazy. I have been frantically trying to get everything done to go to Edmonton again tomorrow night. Its always insane here the day or two leading up to my departure. But I am really looking forward to this trip. We are going to spot and spend a day in Red Deer and take the boys to the Central Alberta Children's Festival there. Its going to be great. My parents are coming down from Edmonton to go to it with us. It will be  blast Im sure. Fred Penner is there... its going to be sweet!
   Ready for the Kooza update... Tim has caved... he told me if I could find something to go with and if I could find the money in the budget then I could get a ticket... Leah is more then willing to be my date and it wont be hard to find the money. I can handle Kraft dinner if it means im off to Kooza. HOORAY KOOZA

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


    It's been a rough couple of days. I just haven't been feeling like myself. So I have come up with some new goals.
1)Im going to do something creative every week
2) Im going to keep my house clean (I hate a messy house)
3) Im going to make a weekly menu plan ( I used to do this but I have missed a fwe weeks)
       a)One meal a week will be either eggs or protien free
        b) One meal a week will be seafood (yes tim you are reading this right... crab, shrimp, Tilapia... if you dont like it eat left overs!)
4)Im going to work out more
5)Im going to read!
6) Im going to blog about my desire to go to Kooza so much that Tim will get me tickets just to shut me up!
Oh yeah tim... if you dont want to come with me Leah said she would!
What did we do today? I scrapbooked a bit! Im excited because I finally have Jaxon's scrapbook up to date! cross one thing off my projects list! HOORAY! Plus Im going to the clayground tonight to finish off another project! YAY!
Its still crappy out.. but we had to get out of the house. So we went to the park with Smiths. It was fun to play!
I also had a Dr appt today... You would think that having an appointment at 8am would mean you get to avoid delays... but oh no already at that hour they were an hour behind... no joke.. an hour! I hate dr offices.
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