Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Just a quick update

Im about to head off to story time with Jaxon but I wanted to give the world a quick update. Owen has started really walking, we took a video but I have wait for Tim to show me how to get the video on to the blog to share my proud mom moment. He has also figured out how to use a straw so now he loves slurpees. yes you heard me... my 11 month old loves slurpees. I cant believe in a month he will be 1 yr old! where did the time go??? Jaxon is getting so big and as really taken to math. We started teaching him addition and he knows all his +1's and now he is starting to out smart me. Ill tell him he needs to have 3 bits before he can leave the table and he goes.. "ok Ive had 2 already so that means I need 1 more" When really I meant 3 more bites. Sneaky guy! he is also learning about money. He has been saving any little money that people give him and the other day we were in walmart and he wanted a Hot wheel Semi truck...I told him he would have to use his money. So we got it and he gave me the money when we got home. Now he is trying really hard to think of ways to get more so he can go and get another truck. He is just growing up so fast. I sure love being these boys mom. Its a really fun job! (most days!)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A day like any other

Today was a day like any other. Which I guess is a good thing. We went to the park (twice) We watched movies, we played in the backyard, we even made Banana Blueberry muffins and then went on a walk to take them to the neighbours! I even read lots and worked on my felt food. It was awesome. now Im exhausted. Owen was miserable today. He has two new teeth coming in so I guess he has an excuse. But it still buts a damper on my day. Jaxon has been a real great three year old today.
The other day I took Jaxon to Walmart and he wanted a new car. He picked one out that was $5 I told him he needed to use him money. (people keep giving him money and he keeps it in his pggy bank) So when we got home he paid me the $5 for it. It ook almost all he had in the bank but he just looked at it and said "Thats ok next time I go to Mamas Ill do Laundry and get more money' He already has toys in mind for the next time he sves up his money!
yes my baby is so big its takes two girls to hold him!

Kayla and Jaxon!

What a sweetheart! I love him. His new trick is he crawls over to the back door and stands up and bangs on the door, BEGGING to go outside. This kid loves the outdoors. He could play out there all day everyday!
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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Last of the edmonton Pics... until next time

So here we are with the last couple pictures from my last Edmonton trip. I think they are awesome. The boys love this shopping cart at "Mamas sobey" Made my life just that much better. All shopping carts should look like this!

but its tough work being at Mama and Papa's house... little Owen always gets so tired!

tonight we had a thunderstorm and the power kept going out. the boys were so brave. Owen and Jaxon just pulled out there little Spongebob lanterns that daddy brought them and they had a blast in the dark. I love my boys! Jaxon really loved the giant mud puddle in the intersection across from us. He also would tell us that the lightning goes like this..then he would blink he eyes really fast. Funny kid
Owen is really starting to move now. He is slowy gaining confidence and took 5 steps to me! Im sure in a week he will be running! Thats both really exciting and really scary to me!
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Saturday, July 17, 2010


Today was a great Saturday. I got to read lots and finished my book (I did a review on my other blog www.thatkindamom.blogspot.com), I worked on my felt food, I did laundry, I took a nap, and I played with my boys. I loves days like today. Now he boys are in bed and Im going to watch Life in peace and quiet!
Jaxon was super funny today which made up for the fact the Owen was super grouchy. Anyways... owen and jaxon where playing with the box that are lawnmower come in (besides water I think boxes are the next favorite toy among children) Jaxon was sitting in it and Owen climbed in and Jaxon looked at him and said "Welcome aboard Owen" I cracked up!
Also we were at the park this evening and jaxon comes up to me holding his bum and says "I need to go potty" Im thinking oh great... its a long walk back home and this will be a real mess! So we starts running home with Tim while I pull Owen in the wagon. Well apparently they get home (accident free) and all he does is pee a little. This could have been way worse!
Well here are some more pictures from Edmonton. We went to a mall and they had a Lightning mcQueen car you can ride in. Jaxon was in heaven!

Jaxon was watching Cars tonight so I thought Id post these Pics. Jaxon LOVES Cars!
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Friday, July 16, 2010

More Edmonton Pictures and A Surprise visit

Tonight we had a little treat! Justin and Kerri brought over Kayla and Kiana and Kinsey! YAY. The three girls live in Utah so we dont get to see them much. Jaxon was thrilled to see them! Owen was a little shy but at least he didnt cry. It was nice to see them, they are growing up so fast.
Anyways, here are a few more pictures from my last Edmonton trip. It was really nice and Jaxon had a blast one night playing with the hose. Papa and him had a water fight. I dont know what it is about water but all kids love it eh?!?!

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Monday, July 12, 2010

Edmonton Fun

Well, we have just gotten home from another fun visit to Edmonton. Its always nice to get away! The Boys love to destroy Mama and Papas house and I love having help with my two handfuls!
Thanks for all the fun Mama and Papa!

Owen will walk with anything that he can move, toys, chairs, boxes, you name it. He just needs more confidence to let go!

Jaxon painting a picture to send to Auntie Rachel. He won it at Chuck E Cheese

Owen LOVES being outside. He will scream until you take him out and then again when you bring him in. Good Thing Mama and Papa have a big backyard.

Best thing ever... Little water guns from Walmart. We got an 8 pack for $8 and Jaxon loved it. We had water fights everyday! It was a blast!
Now that we are home its time for me to get serious about some projects I have on the go... for the list of things Im working on go to the other blog http://www.thatkindamom.blogspot.com/
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Monday, July 5, 2010

Chuck E Cheese

here we are back in Edmonton. And we spend all out monday nights at Chuck E Cheese. Jaxon loves it. Its the best place for a kid... and tim too! Its horrible for me because I spend all my tokens trying to beat my high score on Skeeball! HOORAY SKEEBALL!
Here is the shocker of the century... Tim has never been to Chuck E Cheese! I KNOW!!!! You marry a guy and think you know him and then he throws out one huge surprise! Who is this mystery man I married?!?!
Anyways we had alot of fun tonight. We had 491 tickets by the end of the night and that meant Jaxon got to pick out 6 prizes! He was thrilled. he got 2 Airheads (his favorite) and coloring book, and painting things, and a flying disc and even a tootsie roll for Mama!

yeah I know this is an older pic... but I was too busy playing skeeball to take pictures! SKEEBALL SKEEBALL!
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Thursday, July 1, 2010


HOORAY CANADA! We are uber proud Canadians in this household. Although we didn't do much other then relax... but hey thats the Canadian way! We did head down the street to the Smiths for a BBQ with them and the Millers. We are so big BBQers. But I was so bugged... I had spent some time this afternoon making up Canada Day quizzes... then I forgot them... Oh well I posted them on my other blog... Quiz yourself! http://www.thatkindamom.blogspot.com/
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