Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What brothers are for

Here are some pictures I promised my mom I would post for her. Yesterday I was making cupcakes for our third and final birthday BBQ. Jaxon had been screaming at Owen because Owen was getting his cars. I explained to him the importance of sharing (really the kid has almost 200 hot wheels... he can spare a few for his little brother) and then I went back to work. It was quiet so I tired around to admire the sharing I thought was going on. All I saw was Jaxon sitting on the laundry basket... then the little fingers peaked out of the holes. Yep jaxon trapped Owen in the laundry basket so that he wouldnt get his cars. I couldnt even get mad because Owen thought it was a funny game.

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Friday, August 27, 2010


It's one of those weird days today. Owen's first birthday. While it seems like he has always been a part of our family and I have a hard time remember life before Owen, I also can't believe he is a year already! It sure did sneak up on me! What can I say about Owen? He is a sweetheart for sure but he is a pest too! He adores Jaxon and has to play with whatever Jaxon is playing with. He loves to wrestle and Im constantly telling them to play gentle! He also looks for ways to cause trouble. He is a stinker.But we love him.


Being a goof

Owen loves to make people laugh!
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Monday, August 23, 2010

Family Pictures

A couple of weeks ago we had some family pictures taken. My good friend Kim is our photographer. I swear by her. She is Uber talented (yes I just said uber) Jaxon was miserable and not cooperating but she still got some amazing shots! I want to put them all up! Anyone looking for a wonderful photographer should give me a call and Ill pass on her number. AMAZING!

Sweet Owen!

I love all the candid shots she got. I think they really capture personality. Just look at Jaxon!


Funny Story about this picture. Just a few seconds later Owen fell off the rock onto a huge ant hill. He was instantly covered in creepy ants! Poor kid!
But this is just a small sample to see more go to www.thatkindamom.blogspot.com and Ill post 4 more.
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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Calaway park

A big Thank you goes out to my friend Brook for taking us with her to Calaway Park. Her husband gets passes from work so we were able to go for free, which was nice beause it is so expensive that I didnt want to pay all that money and then find out Jaxon didnt like it. But he LOVED it! We will for sure have to get passes next year.
It was a perfect day for it too. Warm, but not hot and cloudy so we werent sweating in the heat.

Jaxon was really into watching how the rides worked. Owen was just having fun.

Jax rode the little rollercoaster 3 times in a row!

The free fall was Jaxon's favorite ride. He sees a ride like this on a commercial for Marine Land and wants to go. So when he saw this ride he insisted that he had to go on it. But I warned him that he was too little and they would say no. But I was wrong... he was just barely tall enough. So we went on and I was waiting for the tears... Nope wrong again... he was laughing the entire time!

He must have been exhausted because he slept the entire way home. Booster Seats arent very much fun to sleep in...
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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My Cuties

I just love my boys. They are growing up so fast! This past weekend we moved Owen up to a front facing carseat which means we put Jaxon in a booster seat. They both are super happy about the change. Owen loves being able to see and Jaxon loves the independence of getting in and out of the car on his own. Where did the time go??? He also loves that now he can ride in Daddy's purple car because its so easy to transer the booster seat!
Owen is starting to walk around tons and he is a climbing machine. He does stairs with little problems and yesterday I found him on Jaxon's bed. I also found him brushing his teeth the other day. He climbed up on the stool all by himself and even grabbed his tooth brush. What I kiddo!

Owen Loves when Jaxon plays with him. Their new favorite game is when Owen climbs into Jaxon's little wagon and Jaxon pulls him around. Owen LOVES it... really I think he just loves the attention from Jaxon. But Jaxon really loves this game too and is more then willing to play along!

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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Videos of Owen

Owen playing Peek-a-boo

Owen trying to walk
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