Thursday, September 30, 2010

Tommy K Play

There is a new play place near us. Its called Tommy K Play. Its really cool. But super expensive. $9 a kid (more if they are over 4) so we have only gone once. But Jaxon keeps asking to go back and Im sure that if Owen could talk he would be too! Ill have to save money and make it a treat trip! It has a huge climbing structure, slides, little cars to ride, laser maze and even x boxes. Its intense. Great place for the boys to burn off their excessive energy. I get to burn some cals too!

Jaxon building a tower

Owen Climbing to the slide

Owen Loves to climb

Jaxon loves the super fast slides
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Monday, September 27, 2010

Revenge is Sweet

Jaxon has become a little agressive with Owen lately... I dont think he means to be mean... he is just rough. He likes to wrestle and knock Owen over and push him off the couch. Its hard to teach him not to do that because 95% of the time Owen is laughing about it. But today the tables turned... Jaxon was standing on the arm of the couch watching them Grate the alley across the street and Owen crawled up behind him and pushed him off the couch. Jaxon started crying but really what was I do to. I told Owen it wasnt nice, but I also told Jaxon that Owen only did it because he thought it was a game since Jaxon was doing it to him. Dont play the game if you cant take the pain.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I am a mother of Boys!

I love being a mother of boys. They are so fun... and they sure do keep life interesting. Everyday is a new adventure with my boys. They are wonderful little stinkers! They make me laugh everyday!

Owen is really into exploring. I try to be crafty at least once a day... helps keep me sane. So on this day I was down in the crafty nook, I looked up and saw this. I guess Owen just wanted to make himself comfortable while playing trains (also one of his favorite things)

Anything great thing about boys is brothers! Jaxon and Owen are the best of buddies! Now that Owen is bigger they play together all the time. Jaxon loves to give Owen rides on his Plasma car and now owen can even get on by himself

Owen loves to hide... he thinks he is so clever. Can you see him peaking out at you?
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Sunday, September 19, 2010

The many Faces of Owen

Owen wears his emotions and thoughts on his face. there is never any guessing as to what he is thinking. I dont know if its because he is just little or if this will stick with him his whole life. All I know is it keeps me entertained!

Laughing at Mama Nelson

"What is this?"

This is his Cheesy grin. We have given him the nickname 'Squints'
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Sunday, September 12, 2010

First Day of Preschool

I have no clue where the time has gone but we had a big day in our house on Friday. Jaxon went to his first day of Preschool. I could not believe it! How did this happen?? Didnt I just give birth to this child???
Jaxon was so excited to go to Preschool. We have him in a Preschool in Okotoks called Leap n Learn (next year their will be one right across the street from us here in Walden) It sounds like an amazing program. So far I am impressed with it. Jaxon will be learning some French this year even! Jaxon loves to learn. Currently his favorite thing to do is those activity books. The ones about letters or numbers or shapes. He will do the same book over and over and over again... until we get a new on. He loves them and is now starting to right. Smart boy!

Here he is all smiles and ready to go

I tried to get one of him with his back pack but he was telling me "We have to go... we are going to be late!"
Friday was just an hour long with just half the class. Sort of a get to know you day. But Monday (yes tomorrow) is the real thing. We will see how I do. Lets hope I dont forget anything and that we make it there on time!
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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Birthday PIctures

Owen is ONE! We had a blast last weekend celebrating the wonderful little boy that is Owen! We had 3 BBQs for him. I just thought Id share some of the pictures!

Owen loves cakes... Especially the icing

Opening a present from Auntie debbie! YAY cars!

Ribbon Head!

More gifts! This one is from uncle Darryl and Auntie stacy and Ryerson and Mason and Aiden! Thanks Seguins for his first John Deere!
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