Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Ok, I know these arent great pictures of the boys. But they are the best I could get at the party I did with my friend Kim on Friday. It was a party with a bunch of our friends. each family got a door in the church and had to decorate it. Then the kids got to go trick or treating around the inside of the church. then we awarded a best decorated door prize and had snacks and played halloween themed games.

Owen the Hamburger... he likes the camera and was trying to grab it

Jaxon the Chicken... yes he was this chicken last year but he insisted on it again. Heck it saved me getting a new costume. Jaxon wont stay still long enough for me to get a picture

Both boys! It was the best one of the bunch...
Maybe Ill get a better one at trunk or treating this weekend.. or when Jaxon dresses up to go to his preschool party
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Saturday, October 23, 2010

What Owen loves

Besides is super amazing, beyond wonderful, beautiful mommy there are a few other things that Owen loves.
Owen loves music. he will dance as often as he can and loves listening to music. He is discovered books that play music. He current favorite is one that mama gave to Jaxon years ago and we listened to it for literally days (no joke days) non stop as we took a road trip from calgary to Portland. It plays Thomas the Train (another love of both my boys) songs. He will lay there and push a button then get up and dance until the song is over... then push a new button!

Owen loves food. Ok.. so you must be thinking "All she ever writes about is how owen is eating things adn loves food... does he ever stop eating?" the answer is NO... Im surprised he is not 300 lbs. He passionately loves eating. he will snack and eat all day. He begs for food! He also loves feeding himself!

Owen loves books! I am so thrilled that owen loves stories and books. I am a bookworm and I have successfully passed that onto jaxon and now it appears that Owen is headed down the right path as well! HOORAY BOOKS! (he is sitting in his rocking chair... which is another thing he loves. Dont get any awwwww ideas he doesnt snuggle with me init... he uses it as a surf board... yep they will come to know me quite well in the ER im sure!)
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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

How can you NOT love them!?

I am so lucky to be the mother of these two boys. What have I learned??? TO GO WITH THE FLOW. My Boys are INSANE! I never know what to expect and so I just try and sit back and let it all happen. They are hilarious!

Jaxon made this hat at preschool... he used the most stickers out of any kid in his class. I tried to put it on and he said "no way mom... I worked hard on that!"

Owen is generally so happy... expect when I bring him inside (he loves playing outside) and when he is hungry... but he is a ham and loves the camera! he will stop crying to give you a grin.

Owen loves the tub! He will literally stay in the tub unti lits freezing cold and I insist on taking him out so he doesnt get hypothermia..
But look at this face... how can you not Love that!
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Thursday, October 14, 2010

For the Love of Food

Owen loves food. He is always eating, and eating TONS. My Little Monster! Lately he has really gotten independant and insists on feeding himself. He wont eat unless he can do it himself. It takes a little longer but Im ok with that.

MMMMM Noodles

Big Bite

Owen Loves Cheese Buns

Owen and Jaxon being goofy! This cracks me up

What else has been going on... Jaxon has been making more jokes... I dont always get them... but in his three yr old mind they are hilarious. His favorite is the following; We read scriptures every night and we recently talked about King Benjimen and then King Noah, but when we asked him one night who we had talked about he shouted "King Julien" (he is on Penguins of Madagascar) Now he will smirk and say "King Julien" every night at scripture time.
Owen... is a stinker. He will know put himself in time out. He will do something bad and then walk over to Time out spot and sit there and grin at me... I dont think he is too concerned about it! ARGH or if I send him to Time out he will march over there throw himself down and cry then stop and grin at me and move on... I have my hands full with him
He has also taken to jumping off things. He isnt very good and Im now simply waiting for the broken bones. Im sure it will happen eventually no matter what I do!
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