Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I hate winter. Yes I am as Canadian as you can get but I hate winter. I dont like being cold. I think Snow is a nuisance. I hate when all the clothes get wet from melting snow. It has been snowing since monday night... so as you can imagine I am none too happy. In fact tomorrow will be a Pajama day.
To Cheer myself up I thought id share some cuties with you. Of course I am talking about my boys.
Owen has discovered snow glasses. We will have to look and find him some of his own. These ones are Jaxons. But he loves them. He is constantly having me put them on him. Then he looks at you and waits for you to say "Oh cool Dude!"

Jaxon is loving Preschool. It is devastating when I tell him its not a school day. I dread tuesdays and Thursdays. he gets so bored with out school. He talks about school all the time. he sings the songs, he tells me what Miss Carey had for snack and he asks when he goes again. he LOVES it. So to try and make Tuesday and Thursday not so sad for him I have had to step it up a notch in the creative mom department. I have come up with 12 simple and practically free Chrsitmas/winter themed crafts to do with Jaxon (and Owen is he isnt napping). We will do one a day on those dreaded non school days leading up to christmas.
Yesterday we had our first craft... it was toilet paper roll snowmen. I had painted them white before hand and then after lunch Jaxon busted out his smelly markers (he loves those things) and decorated them up. He had me draw on faces. Now they sit in the middle of our table as our winter centerpiece.

If you want to see the finished product you will have to scoop out

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Saturday, November 13, 2010

What? Those arent cars!

Here is a quick little update on the monster the leaves among us... Owen! He is a handful! He acts older then he is and is constantly doing what Jaxon does. But the worst is the attitude. I am giving this little boy time outs all the time and he just doesnt care. He will sit there and roll his eyes on me... yes my 14 month old does the eye roll! Yesterday I put him into Time out and he did the eye roll as I was explaining why he was in time out and then I asked "Are you ready to listen to mommy?" To which he shook his head no... so he sat in time out longer and still shook his head when I asked if he was going to Im in so much trouble...
Trying to get the bib off

Trying to get milk... yep climbing the fridge... awesome

All you who know my little guy knows that he loves I mean LOVES cars. We have tons of cars (hot wheels!) and we also have tons of other toys too but the other toys are just collecting dust because all he will ever play with is cars. I have been trying to think of non car toys for christmas... try to add variety into his life but lets face it... he will love all the car things! the other day I had a huge surprise... Jaxon went up to his room to get some lego... I was thrilled to see him playing with something other then cars. I asked "What are you making?" "bridges for my cars" was his answer... well I guess thats a baby step!

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The things he says

Jaxon is so funny! and now that he has started school he seems to be always thinking and saying the most random things. he cracks me up. here are a few;
1) Jaxon knows all his letters, but now when he talks about letters he calls G "the tricky letter between f adn H" I have no idea why???
2) When I am mad at him he comes up to me and says "Mom its ok I forgive you"
3) He is constantly telling me what letters things start with "Insect starts with I" or "apple starts with a"
there are tons more but Its not time to take the man to preschool! I wonder what today will hold!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Everybody needs a brother

I will admit that my first reaction when I was told I was having a second boy was dissappointment. I really wanted one of each. But I soon realized how awesome having two boys close together would be. Jaxon and Owen are the best of friends! I love it. Watching them is so fun. owen does everything jaxon does and wants to be right there with him all the time.

Jaxon loves playing on my computer.Here is his playing Super Why games and of course Owen is right there too!

Jaxon also loves the Wii... Owen now has to hold a remote and pretend to play whenever Jaxon is playing. DO NOT get in owens way when jaxon is playing because you will get a firm push out of the way!

Monkey See... Monkey Do
This time is was Owen's turn to show Jaxon what was cool. Owen loves walking around with things on his head... blankets... bowls... halloween buckets. He is a dare devil and thinks its funny.

Jaxon had to give it a go too.
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