Saturday, December 11, 2010

Thanks Auntie debbie

Today the boys (mostly Jaxon) were super excited. Today was the day we went to walmart to pick out toys from auntie Debbie. She had sent money and told us to get them something. So we figured what better then having them pick something out. Jaxon was thrilled walking up and down the aisles... even though we brought home the first thing he saw. Are you about as surprised as I am that they are both car related...

Owen got this cool three tiered track

Jaxon was thrilled to get this wolf mountian hot wheels track. he has seen it on TV and has been asking for it!
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New for Owen

Owen is getting so big so fast. I have really noticed this with my second little boy because I dont think he realizes he isnt the same age as Jaxon because everything Jaxon does Owen insists on doing as well. For example... For about a week owen has been refusing to eat. I thought maybe is was not well or his teeth hurt or something... then I sat him at the table one night in complete frustration and he ate. Turns out he will eat forever if he is sitting at the table like a big boy. make for more of a mess but I figure with my two boys Im just going to have to accept the fact that life is messy!

Owen has also discovered McDonalds... or maybe its just fries and ketchup. But either way he is happy. He likes the dipping... even if I dip it for him he insists on doing it himself before he will eat it.
Here is is swiping some of Jaxon's Happy Meal!

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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Party

The Christmas season started a few weeks ago for us. We kicked it off by going to Tim's work Childrens Christmas party. It was really fun. They had an awesome breakfast and coloring and cookie decorating and even santa!

Jaxon had so much fun playing with Santa!

They boys even got a present from santa! They were thrilled!

But the best part was the Candy Canes! What could be better for owen! It was basically a flavoured soother. he got all sticky and loved it.

Jaxon is a candy cane pro. although he prefers flavoured ones as opposed to the mint ones. but candy is candy!
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