Sunday, January 30, 2011


  I have been reading a book that was just boring. But I finally finished it this weekend. I guess that was one good thing about the snow. I didnt go anywhere so I read alot... now I can move onto something good!
  Jaxon is still loving Primary. Today he was all excited because he said closing prayer in his class. He has gotten so big. Owen is 4 weeks away from nursery... I CANNOT WAIT!

Friday, January 28, 2011


Today I am Thankful for CRAFTS
I am running on no sleep... I havent slept in 37 hours. Oh the joys of being a mom! I am seriously wanting to fall asleep soon. But I wanted to share these pictures of Jaxon. Its not often that he does crafts. But the other day I convinced him to give it a go. I had found this wooden car at michaels for like a dollar and we busted out the paints and he went to town. I think it being a car craft really helped. but now his paints are all gone... Ill have to go get more!

He worked so hard on his little dump truck. I love it!
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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

King of the Castle

Today I am Thankful for JAXON
Jaxon is my little buddy. I love him so much! Lately he has turned into such a helpful boy. He is always picking up his toys and helping take care of Owen. Jaxon is growing up way too fast! He is mr independent!
The other day we built towers together. I think our little village turned out pretty cool. He was a little upset when he tried to jump over them and they all got knocked over, but then we just started over again.

Today was a beautiful day out which means that they took the kids out to play at preschool. Jaxon loves days like those. He get Cabin fever pretty easy. All day he talked about making paths in the snow for miss terri. They are also talking about vehicles at school. Today was helicopters. As soon as I came in to get him frmo school he looked at me and said "Mommy... why have I never been on a Helicopter??" I told him Id work in it... really Im hoping he forgets!
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Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Today I am Thankful for BEDTIME
  Im a mother of 2 CRAZY boys... my day starts (on a good day) at 630... and we hit the ground running..and we dont stop until 9pm...GO GO GO... oh and you would think that super active kids crash and sleep great at night... nope... jaxon is up at least once and owen is up at least 2... most night me and owen get a couple hours of food network from 1am-3am... bedtime is wonderful!

Saturday, January 22, 2011


Today I am Thankful for WEEKENDS
Generally weekends are that different then my week days. Being a stay at home mom is a 24/7 life style! But at least on weekends tim is generally home and can hep out! Today he even took the boys to Okotoks and I got to stay home and read and be crafty! I whipped out 10 more of those picture frames I made before (go to if you want to see them!) and I started on Jaxon's Valentines. I even got to read and watch a show I had PVRed... It was HEAVEN! I will say one thing though... Im always so ambitious on weekends... this afternoon I was thinking of staying up late and watching a movie once the boys are in bed, but now that it is almost 8pm all I want to do is curl up in bed and read...or fall a sleep!
One thing I wanted to do that I didnt was make a Sunday bag. But at least I have a few ideas now as to what to put in it and stuff so this week Ill work on sacrament meeting appropriate activites. Fingers crossed that my maniacs will learn reverence!
I had to share this little pic. Yeppers that my Owen. Where did the time go!? its at playtopia. he loves that place. All the other moms there are always so shocked at what he does on his own. there is no stopping him. I think he thinks he is 3 like Jaxon!
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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Auntie Rachel!

Today I am Thankful for AUNTY RACHEL
So I thought since its my sister Rachel's 21st birthday today it would only be fair that she be what I am Thankful for today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUNTY RACHEL!
My Boys adore their aunty rachel and she adores them... except when they are poopy... then she passes them off to me! Jaxon was so excited to call her today to say Happy birthday but right as she answered the phone he got all shy and would only whisper. But he sure misses her when she is away at school!
Rachel and I are total opposites... she is a living barbie doll... me.. not so much! But she is still a pretty cool girl!
How did she get to be 21??
Here is a picture I took at christmas this year... Its on Christmas eve at like 8pm... Jaxon asked to watch cartoon and snuggled up to Aunty Rachel, within 5 minutes he was sleeping. Out like a light!
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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Slide Rockets

Today I am Thankful for SLIDE ROCKETS
 Today I got to go help out at Jaxons preschool again. I loving doing that. It has finally warmed up today so we took the whole class out to the park. It was a gong show getting 14 kids outfitted int snowpants, hats, mittens and boots, but we did it. And they loved it. Once we got to the park they kids were hestitant at first as to what to do... it was covered in snow. But Jaxon climbed up the steps and just slid down the slide. Soone all the kids were doing it to. The Best part was that the more the kids slid on it the fasted the slide went. Soon the little kiddos were just flying off the end of the slide into snowbanks. It was so funny!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Just a Typical day

Today was a pretty typical day... nothing to exciting and nothing too bad either... But lets shake things up a bit with things Im not Thankful for today!
1) GUM - Owen loves the car carts at safeway... so I put him in one and was thrilled that I was getting peace and quiet while I did groceries... that should have been my first clue. because I get to the cash and his face is all blue, his hands are all blue and he is crewing on something.I asked him what he is eating and he shows me an empty gum ball wrapper... AWESOME. I dont know how he didnt choke, why he didnt swallow it... But Im grateful for guardian angels... Owen did not want to give it up and I had to dig around for a long time getting it all out of his mouth... NASTY
2) WINTER - There are serveral reasons why I hate winter... today its because strawberries were 6.99... BOO
3) THE SHAWNESSY LIBRARY PARKING LOT - I drove around for 15 minutes trying to find a spot... not a good spot... just a spot... I eventually just left... looks like Ill have to return/pickup my books another day.

But today I am thankful for BAKING WITH MY BOYS
Jaxon loves to help me bake. Especially when its his favorite chocolate chip cookies. Owen has to do everything that jaxon does so know I have two little helpers.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Afternoon Naps and my little stinker

Today I am Thankful for AFTERNOON NAPS
Today I was lucky enough to have an afternoon nap. I laid on the couch, both my boys game me a smooch on my cheek and then tim took them down to the toy room and I snoozed for 90 minutes. It was Glorious! I dont get to nap often at all anymore and I sure do miss them. That is one nice thing about 9 am church... sunday afternoon naps!
Jaxon has gone to Primary for a couple weeks now. He loves it. I hear he is a little crazy in class, but he sits still for singing time and he talks about the songs all the time. I dont know how he got so big! how did I get so old! I sure love my Jaxon. He was a huge helper today and would do anything I asked and even little things that made things better with out being asked. Like helping Owen when he was angry, and cleaning up some toys. He really is a sweet little boy.
And then there is my monster. No other nick name suits Owen so well. He is trouble and he knows it and loves it. he looks for ways to cause problems! and he thinks its all so funny. He can now push chairs across the hardwood in the kitchen... so he now pushes them to the island and climbs up in search of his soother and when he gets hungry... why not help yourself in the pantry is his theory... What im only 16 months... no problem Ive got it covered!
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Saturday, January 15, 2011


Today I am Thankful for BOOKS
 I was going to post a picture of books today... but I forgot to take a picture... maybe Ill do that tomorrow and add it to this post.
  But I love to read. Its one of my absolute favorite things to do. Today Tim took the boys out to Okotoks, which means I got to spend the afternoon reading. Which was awesome since Im really into this book called the Book Thief and I need to return it to the Library soon! It was a wondeful afternoon

  Funny thing about Jaxon. He was started to say soem pretty funny things. He says ABSOLUTELY all the time, instead of saying yes and he has started calling people Fool! I love it... he comes up and says What are you doing Fool!?? he does it to be funny and wait for me to laugh. Makes me crack up!

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Today I am Thankful for SOLITUDE
Tim has taken the boys to visit Grandma and Grandpa in okotoks... Peace and quiet...

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Today I am Thankful for IMAGINATION
My boys are crazy... have I mentioned that? But they are so fun too! One of Their favorite games is to make the laundry baskets into ships. Jaxon sings the Pirate song (When I was 1 i had some fun on the day I went to sea I jump aboard my pirate ship and the captain said to me... etc etc.) Jaxon is always yelling... "Get out of the water!" as I walk around the kitchen. Owen loves it and will climb right in there with Jaxon... But owen brings Luggage... 9 times out of 10 its the Thomas book... yes the thomas book that Mama Nelson bought for Jaxon almost 3 years ago. Its owens favorite toy... It sings all these Thomas the train songs. we change the batteries almost once a week now. I listened to it for hours as we drove from Calgary to Seattle for Eric's wedding Years ago. It was the only thing that woudl keep Jaxon quiet in the car then... and now I listen to it all day everyday... its basically the background music of my life.... so of course Owen had to take it onto the boat!
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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Books, Books, Books!

Today I am thankful for BOOKS!
I love to read. I think its probably one of the best things a person can do with their time. Books are just all so different and can take you to so many different places and introduce you to so many different people. I will always be reading a book.
(Currently I just finished Battle of the Labyrithn and I am now reading The Book thief)
Go Read a Book!

Monday, January 10, 2011


Today I am Thankful for SUMMER
I hate winter. I try really hard to find at least one good thing about it... and I just cant. I could go without winter. This past weekend we had a winter storm. We got stuck on the way to church. It took me longer to get Jaxon to preschool. Snow gets tracked into the house and I end up with wet socks... and Im always cold. I hate it. So as I sit here all bundled up in a blanket and flannel Jammies I think about my old friend summer and miss him.
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Saturday, January 8, 2011


Today I am Thankful for FOOD NETWORK MAGAZINE
I am one lucky girl! My brother got me a subscription to this awesome magazine for christmas! I got my first issue just a few days ago! I have already read it several times and I now have 2 weeks of menus planned using just a handful of the recipes I want to try. I figured Id try to spread out the new recipes and make it last until I get the next issue! I am on cloud nine!
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Friday, January 7, 2011


Today I am Thankful for BROTHERS
I have an awesome big brother. There are several reasons why he is awesome but most recently its because for christmas this year he got me a subscription to the Food Network Magazine. I was/am stoked. I got it in the mail a couple days ago... there are so many new recipes to try... SUPER EXCITED
I will admit that when I was pregnant wiht Owen and found out he was a boy that I was dissappointed. I really wanted a little girl. But now that I can watch my boys together I feel so blessed to have these twoo sweet little boys in my house. But they are still monsters! Owen adores Jaxon and now that Owen is able to play Jaxon is having a blast with him. They do almost everything together! Today was friday so it was Happy meal day for Jaxon. Today he decided to share with Owen. Owen was thrilled and downed half the french fries. It was so cute watching him dip them in Ketchup just like Jaxon!
Jaxon looked at me and said "Im a good Big Brother"
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Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Today I am thankful for SLEEP
I have gotten pretty used to running on little to no sleep. neither of my boys are sleepers. I dunno what is wrong with them.. they just dont need sleep... after a couple hours at night they are ready to go. Jaxon gave up napping almost 2 years ago and Owen is doen to 1 hour totaly during the day... They go to bed at 9 and are up at 630, plus they wake up during the night (jaxon once and Owen 2-3 times at least) most days I am ok with it... but I do remember sleeping and I miss it...
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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Hiding from the Vaccum

Today I am Thankful for VACCUMS
We finally took our tree down today. It always makes such a mess as we box it up. But we are always needing to vaccum anyways, with two little boys running around we could vaccum every day, so Tim vaccumed. Jaxon is Terrified of the vaccum. Come to think of it, he is scared of anything that makes loud noises. So I found him tring to hide in the ottoman to get away from he noise.
Owen is afraid of nothing. So he thinks its really funny to stand in the way of the vaccum and have it suck up his toes.
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Monday, January 3, 2011

Goof Balls!

Today I am thankful for JAXON
He is such a goof ball! Sometimes when I really stop to think about it I cant believe how much of my day I spend laughing. I am one lucky mom. Jaxon is such a sweetheart. He was getting alittle over excited to be back at school and was hitting kids today, so he got the DS taken away. Which was a huge thing for Jaxon. he loves the DS. But I think it really helped to get the point across. I know he doesnt mean to be mean... he just has a hard time dealing with excitment... he shakes and hits. But he is a sweetheart. This week Jaxon has an extra special week at Preschool. Its PAJAMA WEEK! Awesome eh? It took Jaxon a while for me to convince him it was ok to go out in his Jammies but he got over it.
Then we went swimming for FHE tonight. both boys were thrilled! They are fishies! (especially owen) Jaxon was concerned for his jammies... he didnt want them to get wet... I told him we would take them off before we got to the pool... he was good with that!
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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Today I am Thankful for Home
Despite the snow we made it home from Edmonton in one piece today. It really wasnt that bad... just a few slippery spots. I love being at my moms house. There is great food, fun times, games and best of all help with the boys! I was able to read 2 books while I was there! It was awesome! But it is nice to be in my home. Even though its messy and Ill spend the next week cleaning and organizing. I am happy to be home. I dont know if Ill still say that tonight as I sleep in my cramped double bed with tim after being used to the nice queen at my mom's house. But I am looking forward to Jaxon back and school and the start of our routine again... we thrive on schedules and routines in this house!

The Pisko men relaxing at home!
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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Gamers Start Young

Today I am thankful for Owen!
He cracks me up! I love watching him because he is always watching Jaxon and is doing everything he does. I dont think Owen realizes he is only 16 months old. He is always trying to act older. Which makes him seem like such a little man.
Today Jaxon put the DS on the couch while it was charging. (the DS is one of Jaxon's favorite toys and is always playing it... and of course Owen is always watching his big brother play) So today Owen grabbed the opportunity and took a turn on the DS. No I didnt pose him. This is my 16 month old playing DS... yep... he may not be any good because he doesnt know what he is doing... but he is playing.

Another cute/weird thing about Owen that cracks me up... He has a blanket that he adores. but he adores the blanket for one reason... the tag. He has to snuggle and rub the tag all over his face when he is falling asleep. I have tried other blankets and even other tags... but the sheep blanket tag is the only one he ADORES! The tag is about to fall off that blanket and I know Ill have to sew it back on as soon as it does or my life will be miserable!
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