Monday, March 21, 2011

Follow the Prophet

Today I am thankful for SINGING
  I am guessing that they are teaching the kids Follow the Prophet in Primary. Jaxon loves it and has spent the evening singing it. He has the tune down pat. But the words are another story. So he makes stuff up... mostly about his friends. Like "Andrew was a prophet. he listened to his mom. Every morning he woke up and did what he was told"  (yeah I didnt know he knew an Andrew... )
  Anyways, it cracks me up! We are now working on getting the right prophets for Jaxon!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Love Him

Today I am thankful for TEACHING MY CHILDREN
  Jaxon is about to turn 4. He has gotten so big! Where has the time gone! I had made it my rule that once he was in Primary we would start getting him to pay tithing. He is now a sunbeam and he has now received money for his birthday in the mail from family! (thank you bytheway) so we helped him figure out the tithing and fill in the slip today and he was beyond excited to take it up to the Bishop all by himself. (Tim followed close behind him because we are in a new ward and Im not sure Jaxon knows who the bishop is yet!) I love that he was so excited to pay tithing! Im sure he doesnt fully get it yet but it will warms my heart that he wants to do what is right. Maybe my teaching is getting through after all!
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