Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Little Fishie

Jaxon's Aunt Rachel and her boyfriend Michael were excited to get to take Jaxon swimming. Michael is a swimming instructor and does classes with moms and tots at the swimming pool. Here is Rachel with Jaxon getting ready to go into the water for the first time. Jaxon looks a little bit hesitant (no, that creepy looking guy in the picture isn't Michael... I don't know who that is)

Here is Michael, Rachel and Jaxon going down the slide. I think Jaxon liked the water because he could drink it.

Jaxon playing with one of the pool balls. I've never been to this swimming pool, but that waterslide in the background there looks pretty fun!

Rachel teaching Jaxon the breaststroke.

Jaxon and Amanda getting out of the pool and ready to go home. Charlene bough Jaxon this nifty housecoat to wear when he got out of the pool. It has a tail and spikes on the back and makes him look like a dinosaur.

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