Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Jaxon in the Tub and Cooking

Don't let the title of today's post fool you, Jaxon doesn't cook while he is in the bathtub. Instead he plays in the bathtub and pretends to cook when he is out of the bathtub.

Jaxon enjoys playing in the bathtub with all of his bath toys. Here he is with a few of his many tub toys.
One of Jaxon's favorite things to do was to get into the cupboards in the kitchen and pull out the pots and pans (that is, he used to like to do that until we finally got the cupboard locks on the cupboard doors to keep him out.) I think he wanted to be like all the chefs on the cooking shows he would watch with Amanda, because he would occasionally take his toys and put them in the pots and pans and pretend he was cooking.
It looks like Jaxon wants to make an omelet with that dinosaur egg that's sitting on the ground.

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