Sunday, March 22, 2009

Jaxon's 2nd Birthday

To celebrate Jaxon's 2nd birthday this year, we had a themed "Teddy Bear's Picnic" party for him. Amanda was in charge of all the preparations for the party and, as his her family tradition, she went all out for the party. Tim's job was to make sure all the leftover food found a good home. Speaking of food, here is just a little bit of the picnic lunch that we had for the party.

Since it was a Teddy bear picnic party, we invited a bunch of our friends, and Jaxon's friends to the church where we had blankets set up for people to picnic on. Everyone was invited to bring their favorite stuffed animal. To start off the picnic, everyone was supposed to first decorate their brown lunch bag, then go to the food table to make their own sandwich and get other goodies to put in their bag lunch. Then everyone sat down on a blanket and enjoyed the picnic, without having to worry about bugs or other picnic pests. There were also a couple party games set up for the kids to play, but mostly they entertained themselves by running through the halls and chasing after each other. Below is a picture of Jaxon enjoying his lunch with the Stubbs girls and the Gehmlich girls.

When it was time for Jaxon to open his presents, there was no lack of people who wanted to help him unwrap the goodies and play with the toys. Below Jaxon is looking at some of his gifts that he got for his birthday.

Here Lola shows Jaxon his card with Thomas the Tank Engine on it.

When it came time for dessert and time to sing "Happy Birthday" to Jaxon, he wasn't quite sure what to do. We had him sit in a chair and we all sang to him, but all he wanted to do was just grin at everyone like he was getting his picture taken. Amanda decided that little cupcakes for everyone would be better than one giant cake... more bite-sized for the little kids.

All in all, it was a very fun party, and Jaxon really seemed to enjoy it. I think he was feeling a lot better than he was at last year's party, and had a fun time with his friends and family and playing with his new toys. Thanks to everyone who came out and also all those who have sent their well wishes to Jaxon and to us.

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