Thursday, December 24, 2009

Random Owen Pictures

Owen is almost 4 months old, and he is getting to be a really huge kid... much bigger than Jaxon was at this age. He is getting to be really interactive with people and faces and toys. Here are a bunch of random shots of Owen over the last few weeks.

Here is Owen on Jaxon's Spiderman couch getting to know a little bit more about Trevor.

  Owen wiggled his way under the Christmas tree the other day to get a better look at the ornaments.

We've tried to give Owen a soother, but all he wants is to suck on his thumb.

Owen chilling out on Jaxon's Spiderman couch.

Owen trying out his saucer for the first time. You can see Jaxon in the back in the Old Navy shirt just waiting for his turn in the saucer.

Owen dressed up in his Rudolph pajamas getting ready for Christmas

Owen making his attempt at crawling. He can get his head up, but still needs to work on getting his arms and legs moving.

We put Owen in his high chair for the first time this week too. He looks a little dwarfed by the massive chair, but he seemed to enjoy it quite a bit.

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