Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Jaxon 16 weeks old

Age: 16 weeks. Jaxon is showing off his new 3-6 month clothes, since he is starting to grow out of his newborn clothes. Aunt Rachel bought this one.

Jaxon hugging his favorite stuffed animal, Trevor the Monkey

Jaxon is helping daddy shake up his bottle for feeding time.

Sometimes Jaxon squirms when he sleeps, this time he slid off of mommy's tummy and was sleeping sideways

Jaxon rolled out of mommy's arms and off the side of his mattress but couldn't quite figure out how to get his feet on the ground

Jaxon learning to sit on his own. He would last about a second before he slowly face planted into the mattress

Another picture of Jaxon trying to sit

Jaxon was having a fun time giving daddy some good smiles for the camera

Jaxon is getting some really good neck and head control

Jaxon has a sly grin on his face as he discovers daddy's Playstation controller on the floor.

Jaxon soon discovers that although the analog control stick looks like a soother, it doesn't taste as good

Jaxon grins as he hugs the Playstation controller

Jaxon checks to make sure daddy isn't looking as he drools on the Playstation controller

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