Thursday, July 26, 2007

Jaxon 17 weeks old (July 19-26)

Jaxon finally started to hold his own bottle by himself. He would get really frantic while waiting to be fed that when we would hold the bottle directly in front of his mouth, he would just grab it and shove it in.

One funny thing that Jaxon would do while feeding himself was he would randomly pull the bottle out of his mouth, look at it, and then put it back in. I think the reason he would do this, is because we would do the same thing when feeding him. We would pull the bottle out of his mouth to see if he was ready for a burp (usually half way through the bottle.) So I think he thought that was how he was supposed to eat.

One day Amanda was trying to teach Jaxon to stick his tongue out. He caught on pretty quickly.

One day, while making dinner, Tim forgot to strap Jaxon into the chair. After a few minutes, Tim heard Jaxon crying and looked around to see that Jaxon was trying to roll over in his chair.

Unfortunately, Jaxon couldn't get very far when he rolled over in his chair.

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Lindsey Whiting said...

Blast from the Past-I just found your blog. It's lindsey Brown, now Whiting from BYU-Idaho.-Congrat's on your guys baby!! So cute!

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