Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Jaxon 21 and 22 Weeks old (August 16-29)

One day, Jaxon was rolling around on the floor and fell asleep. We found out later, when he woke up, that he had fallen asleep on his hand. We noticed that he had a pretty sweet looking hand print on his face. Check out the pictures below.

This picture shows Jaxon doing what he does best... drooling (his bib is completely soaked with drool)

While trying to put Jaxon in his saucer, Dad decided it would be funny to keep Jaxon's feet in the air and take some pictures. And not surprisingly it is funny. In this first picture, Jaxon looks to be pretty worried...

But pretty soon, Jaxon adjusts to his seated position and just goes on playing with his toys.

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