Thursday, September 6, 2007

Pisko family in Ottawa (August 30 - September 6)

On August 30, we all flew to Ottawa for a last little vacation before summer ended. The plan was that Tim would stay for a week, and then Amanda and Jaxon would stay for the entire month of September looking after the house and Rachel while Peter and Charlene were on a cruise to Hawaii. We arrived in Ottawa late on the 30th, and the next morning we were off on an overnight trip through New York State to Vermont. We drove to Plattsburg, NY and stopped off to see the Ausable Chasm, but it wasn't really anything great to see. Here is a picture of Jaxon hanging over the bridge at the top of the chasm
Here we are waiting on the shores of Lake Champlain for the ferry to come and take us across the lake to Burlington Vermont. If you look in background you can see Vermont.

Jaxon's first steps in sand. He didn't really like the feeling of the sand between his toes.

At the hotel in Burlington, Jaxon went swimming for the first time. He really enjoyed it because the water was nice and warm.

Jaxon with Dad getting ready to go into the water.

Jaxon swimming with Mommy and Daddy

Jaxon didn't like the hot tub. The water was way too warm for him, but he did like snuggling with mommy in the towel and getting dry.
After the morning swim we were on the road to see some of the sights of Vermont. The major highlight was the Ben and Jerry's Factory. Here is Jaxon with Grandpa pretending to be Ben and Jerry.
Jaxon really enjoyed sitting in the grass at the Ben & Jerry factory.
Back in Ottawa after the Vermont trip, Jaxon had his first taste of solid food...
He was all smiles for his first taste of the baby cereal.

Jaxon likes to roll around on the floor and chat with whoever is listening (even if no one is listening he still likes to chat... I think he just really likes the sound of his voice)Jaxon grinning as he gets fed some more cereal. Since we started giving him some baby cereal, he has been growing like a weed
Jaxon's first attempt at green beans. He didn't enjoy them that much. Probably a little too soon.

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