Saturday, April 21, 2007

Jaxon 3 weeks to a month old

Age 22 days. Another picture of Jaxon getting milk drunk

Jaxon falling asleep after filling his belly with milk.

Age: 23 days. Jaxon dressed up in more of his big boy clothes.I don't know what he was doing but Amanda was trying to feed Jaxon and he went stiff as a board...

...This was the look that Jaxon had on his face while he was stiff as a board

Age 24 days. Jaxon dressed up in his good clothes ready for Church.

Age 1 month. Jaxon with Grandpa Tom Pisko. Grandma and Grandpa Pisko made a surprise visit one night taking a break from the hospital where Jaxon's aunt Amanda was giving birth to his cousin Autum.

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