Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Jaxon with family

Age: 11 days. Jaxon smiling while sitting on daddy's lap.
First family portrait with the new baby

Age: 13 Days. After crying and fussing for a few hours, Jaxon finally succeeded in manipulating his parents enough to give him a soother.

Age: 14 days. One of the great things about having a baby is you get to dress them up in really cute clothes.

Jaxon had a visit from his first-cousins-once-removed from Utah. Here he is with Kinsey

Jaxon with his cousin Kiana

Jaxon with Kayla

Age: 15 days. Jaxon with his aunt Rachel Nelson

Jaxon with his Grandpa Peter Nelson

Age: 17 Days. Jaxon dressed up in his little white Tuxedo getting ready for his blessing. Jaxon was blessed on Easter Sunday at Church.

Jaxon being held by his great grandma Rose Pisko while at grandma and grandpa's house for easter dinner

Age: 19 Days. Jaxon and mommy napping together.

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