Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Jaxon 9 weeks old

Age: 9 weeks. Jaxon had his 2 month shots on the 24th of May. Here is a close up of the needle mark on his leg. He didn't like the shots

Dad was having fun dressing Jaxon after his bath and decided to tie his arms down with his clothes.

Jaxon trying out his dad's glasses

Jaxon with a big grin on his face

Jaxon showing off during tummy time.

Jaxon trying to eat his monkey, Trevor

Jaxon trying to roll over again. He rolled over once on May 29th, and we tried to get him to do it again so we could take a picture, but he didn't want to.

Another picture of Dad making Jaxon look silly
Jaxon trying to be like Dad with the remote control

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