Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Jaxon's first trip to Ottawa

Age: 7 weeks. Jaxon getting ready for his first airplane ride. Jaxon decided to make a mess in all his clothes before we left Calgary on the flight to Ottawa, so Jaxon made his first plane ride wearing only a diaper.

Jaxon getting stapped into Grandma and Grandpa's car in Ottawa, still naked after messing his clothes in Calgary.

Jaxon visititing with Grandpa Peter on the occasion of Peter's 50th birthday

Jaxon really liked bathing in the sink at Grandma's house

Jaxon smiling while Mommy changes his diaper.

Jaxon with his Aunt Rachel, and her boyfriend Michael.

Jaxon snuggled into his carseat getting ready to go out for breakfast.

Jaxon snuggling with his teddy bear Preston.

Jaxon's dad decided to see how far he could pull Jaxon's socks up his legs.

Jaxon sleeping with his Grandpa

Jaxon sleeping with his aunt Rachel

Jaxon in his car seat on the way to the Ottawa airport to come back home.

Jaxon and Grandpa Peter waiting at the airport for the plane to depart.

Jaxon saying goodbye to Grandma and Grandpa Nelson

Jaxon and Mommy on the plane getting ready for takeoff.

Jaxon and Mommy back on the ground in Calgary, waiting for the luggage to come.
While Daddy gets ready to go back to work, Jaxon and mommy snuggle up in bed.

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