Friday, November 23, 2007

Getting into Cupboards

Now that Jaxon is getting more mobile, he is starting to want to explore more and more things. He really likes to get into the cupboards in the kitchen.

Here he is looking under the sink. As you can see, when we took this picture we hadn't gotten any safety latches for the cupboards (we have since put a lock on the cupboards under the sink).

Jaxon look around to see if anyone is looking...

"Hey look at all the cool stuff that's under here"

We try to steer Jaxon away from the "dangerous household chemical" cupboard and into the "harmless plastic storage container" cupboard. He likes to pull out all the Tupperware from the cupboard and chew on it.

It's amazing how with all the toys he has to play with, something like a simple plastic lid can entertain him.

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