Friday, November 23, 2007


For our Halloween Party I decided to dress up as a mad scientist by wearing Amanda's old lab coat and safety goggles from when she was in school studying to be a Chem Tech (Chemical Technologist... she wanted to work as a drug recognition expert for the RCMP.) Jaxon was dressed in his Jax-O-Lantern costume and Amanda dressed up in a tropical costume.

We had a Halloween party and invited a few other married couples (with kids) over for games and food. Here is Jaxon playing with Charles on the floor. Charles was dressed up as a Hot Dog for Halloween.

Here are everyone's costumes for Halloween... The Mad scientist, the Pumpkin and the Island Princess.

Jaxon and Mommy

Jaxon and Daddy

Jaxon enjoying all the candy in the candy dish. We didn't hand any candy out, so we had a lot of candy left for ourselves.

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