Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Halloween Costumes

I eluded yesterday that I would be revealing Jaxon's Halloween costume today. That revelation will take place below. But first, the creative process that led to the selection of Jaxon's costume. I wanted to do something fun, that would play off of Jaxon's name. So at first I thought of a "Jax-in-a-box" We didn't actually flesh out that idea, but Jaxon did try it out on his own. Alright, so it isn't really a box, but Jax-in-a-Basket is close enough.
The basket he is crawling around in is kept in the living room and all his toys and diapers, etc, go in here at the end of the day. But one day he decided to clean the thing out and climb in it himself. I suppose he wanted to see what Moses liked about it so much.

So with the Jax-in-a-box idea, not really Halloweenie enough, we decided to go with something a little more orange and dress Jaxon up as a pumpkin. But not just any pumpkin. He is a Jax-O-Lantern. Here he is with his brand new costume straight from Zellers.
He looks a little uneasy, but I think that's because the zipper opened up and his leg was showing through. Just a little wardrobe malfunction... the zipper worked fine the second time we used it, so it should last for the Halloween party next Monday.
Here he is, the little pumpkin, ready to go trick or treating and get lots of candy... candy that mom and dad will eat for him. I don't really think that we will take him out on Halloween. He is too little to really know what is going on. We might visit family or friends on Halloween, but most likely we will stay home and turn the lights off (so we don't get kids ringing our doorbell) and eat all the Halloween candy we bought for ourselves.
I'm still not sure what I'm going to dress up as for the Halloween party. Amanda has said she will dress up in her old Chem Tech lab coat and be a mad scientist. I don't have any costumes that people haven't already seen a hundred times, so I may need to go to Wal-mart, or Value Village and find something new (and cool). Amanda said I could wear her witch costume from last year, but I don't think my legs would look so hot in black fishnet leggings... just a hunch.

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Mathew McInelly said...

wardrobe malfunction...

or shameless self promotion?

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