Sunday, October 14, 2007


Ever since he's been back from Ottawa, Jaxon's sleep patterns have been a little bit off. He likes to stay up late, and he wakes up in the middle of the night again. On the other side, he now falls asleep in random places. Jaxon fell asleep in his high chair yesterday after eating lunch. He was crying and fussing and then all of a sudden he was quiet, and we turned around and he was sleeping.
We dressed up Jaxon in his 3 piece Tuxedo for Church today. He got this suit from his Aunt Mel for Christmas last year, 3 months before he was even born. He looks a little but tired in the picture below, but that's just because we have 9:00 church.

Jaxon is getting really good at knowing when to pose for the camera. As the following three pictures show.

As soon as Jaxon saw the camera in my hand, he clasped his hands together and put on his little smile...

... I did have to call his name to get him to look at the camera, but he had the cute look down all on his own.

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