Saturday, October 13, 2007

Halloween Candy

Jaxon and Amanda are finally back home in Calgary. They arrived home on Wednesday October 3. Since that time, Jaxon had been getting used to crawling and climbing around the house. Here is a picture of Jaxon being a ninja.

Since he's been home, Jaxon had been eating food while sitting in his high chair. Here is a picture of Jaxon the first time we put him in his high chair. He really likes being in the high chair (as long as there is food in front of him). Since Jaxon is sitting right here as I'm updating this, I'll let him tell you his first impression of being in the high chair. Jaxon says, "gf vbhyj bnuvm/ jkk h" (Note: those are actual letters that Jaxon typed on the keyboard.)

One night, Tim decided to let Jaxon ride in his litte dump truck, only it was a little too small for him to fit in. (either that, or Jaxon is getting a little too big)

Jaxon likes to explore everything around the house. One day he decided he wanted to investigate the underside of his saucer.

This is what Amanda sees first thing in the morning when she goes to get Jaxon for breakfast. He is standing waiting at the end of the crib looking out the door.

If you duck down behind the end of the crib, then you will see Jaxon peeking his head out to try and see where you went to.

We took Jaxon to get his 6 month shots on Thursday night. He didn't really mind the first two needles, but the third and fourth ones put him over the edge. He is now 17.5 pounds, and 26 inches, and is growing like a weed. He likes to eat his baby cereal and really likes carrots, and apparently he also really likes candy (he must get that from his mother.) We went to Wal-mart today and picked up some candy for Halloween (it won't last until Halloween, and we have no plans on handing any out on Halloween, it's just for us to eat) Here is Jaxon with a little bag of skittles.

We got so much candy that the bowl was over flowing. But it will probably be gone by Halloween.

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