Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Jaxon 7 Months... Halloween is coming...

Yesterday was Jaxon's 7 month birthday. He has changed a lot since we brought him home from the hospital back in March. Here are a few random pictures of Jax.

For Grandma Pisko's birthday, we went to Okotoks to have dinner with the family. Here Jaxon is showing his support for the Calgary Flames by wearing Uncle Jay's hat. He didn't really like having the hat on his head, as you can see from the look on his face.

Here is another picture showing Jaxon's favorite thing to do... he loves to stick his tongue out and make "Raspberries". It wouldn't be so bad if he wouldn't do it during feeding time, during church, or if he didn't spit out so much drool while doing it.

Jaxon really likes eating baby food and trying new flavors. I believe these pictures were taken when he tried sweet potatoes for the first time. He also really liked beans, apples and plums, and peas and carrots. He wasn't too fond of the broccoli, potato, cheese casserole that I tried to give him though.

Like any baby, Jaxon likes to get himself really messy when he eats.

Here is Jaxon showing off more of his big boy clothes that he wore to church last week. He is finally getting big enough to fit into some of the really nice clothes that we've had hanging in his closet since he was born.

Halloween is coming up soon and I need to think of a good costume to wear. Amanda and I are having a little Halloween get together on Monday Oct 29 with some friends and we have a costume for Jaxon picked out, Amanda has a costume picked out, but I still need something to wear. In years past I have dressed up in a big foam cowboy hat... ... a purple velvet "Big Daddy" hat ...
... and last year I dressed up as Darth Vader ... So I need an idea for a good Halloween costume this year.

On a side note, Jaxon's Halloween costume is really great, and quite ingenious if I do say so myself. I will have pictures of him in his costume to put up tomorrow.

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