Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Christmas Parties

Tis the season for Christmas parties, and lots of them. This past weekend we had 2 different parties to go to. Friday night was the Cimarron Ward party in Okotoks at the church. The whole family was there including Jaxon's cousins and his aunts Amanda and Mel and his uncle J.P. Here is a picture of Tim with his sister Amanda, his mom and all three of the grandkids, Hayden, Autum and Jaxon.

There was a little room in the church where Santa was sitting and meeting with the little kids. Hayden didn't like Santa and cried as soon as she saw him sitting in the room. As a result, Jaxon got upset and didn't want to sit on Santa's lap. However, they didn't have a problem sitting in the room when Santa wasn't there. Here they are sitting in front of the Christmas Tree. Jaxon only lasted about half a minute before he tried to pull the tree down, and that is why we decided that we weren't going to put up our tree this year.

Here is the Pisko family Christmas portrait for 2007

So on the Saturday after the Okotoks Christmas party, it was the PricewaterhouseCoopers Children's Christmas party, for all the children of employees of PwC. The party was held at the Science Center in downtown Calgary and it was a great time. Jaxon enjoyed being around all the other kids and there were lots of displays and things for him to see and do. I would say he was probably a little too young to enjoy a lot of the stuff, but he really enjoyed rocking out in his guitar.

There was also a really cool section of the floor that had these pads, that when you stepped on them, they lit up and made noises. Jaxon had a good time playing with them, but I think the sounds were too loud for him, because he started to get upset after a while (although that could have just been because he was getting tired.)

Here's Jaxon sitting in one of the displays. It was a room set up to show depth perception, that's why the chair is so weird looking.

All of the children at the party got a present from Santa. Some of the older kids got some really nice gifts, like Spiderman Monopoly games, DVD Clue games, Keyboards, iPod Accessories, etc. Jaxon was sleeping when Santa called his name for his present, so we saved his present for him to open when he got home. Here he is getting some practice for Christmas morning.

At first he just wanted to play with the present while it was wrapped, not knowing that there was something inside.

We had to give him a bit of help to get him to start unwrapping it... and also to keep him from eating the paper that he tore off the present.

For some reason he wasn't as impressed with the present as he was with the paper he tore off the present. He tried to eat it. The present he got was a leaning toy that teaches cause and effect. He presses the button and the little figures pop up. He then pushes the figures back down and starts all over again. He still has some trouble getting the figures to pop up, but he is really good at closing them (that comes from playing with the tape deck on the stereo.)

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