Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Santa Jaxon

With the Christmas season approaching, we pulled out the Christmas decorations and started to decorate the house. We decided not to put up the tree this year, because we figured that Jaxon would just destroy it. But we did have other decorations to make the house look a little more festive. While going through the decorations, I found a Santa hat that I won from a party last year, and decided to see what it would look like on Jaxon.

He didn't really like it too much and tried to pull it off his head right away.

We decided that Jaxon needed some really festive clothes to wear for Christmas, so one day while at Wal-mart, we found a really cute Santa outfit that was just Jaxon's size. Here he is the first time we tried it on him.

He didn't like having this hat on his head either, but he didn't seem to mind the rest of the costume, and he does look really festive in it. Now he just needs some reindeer and a sleigh.

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