Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My Everyday - Feb 10

So... I totally wanted to post yesterday... but by the time I got home from a totally awesome stamp club tim had already turned off the computer... grrrrr.... it was only 11pm! LOL! So yeah... Ive joined another stamp club tim says he is happy but I doubt he thinks I need more stamps!
Tonight I also went out... I know busy busy... I went with Leah and Stef to a line dancing class... boy oh boy do I owe them one now! We show up and everyone is like 70 yrs old! ok maybe not that old but definately older then my parents! the best part was that they still kicked my butt!!!!
Tim was at home with the boys and he played wii with Jaxon. Jaxon loves the wii! Tim said he started crying and looked at him and said... Im crying because Im tired! Poor guy! I need to be better about a bedtime routine.
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