Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My Everyday - Feb 2 part 1

Today was a rough day... I am really fighing a cold and Im afraid I might be losing, plus Jaxon is all stuffed up so he didnt sleep good at all which means I didn't sleep well either since I was in bed with him... but that means Tim slept great since he had the whole bed to himself... again. Jaxon had a few accidents on the potty front today but I guess that was bound to happen. So I have been trying to think of what to teach Jaxon next since he knows all the letters and how to spell his name and how to count to 14...I have decided I wan to teach him the provinces.. so Im looking for a puzzle of Canada where the pieces are the provinces and I want to teach him food groups... so I wasnt to get a shelf like this (But less girly.. but not boyish since we are hoping for a girl at some point!) and then we can sort his play food in it. So now Im on the hunt...
I am also frantically trying to get Jaxon's bday party organized... really I just need to get the invites ready so I know I have that out of the way!
Jaxon mailed his Valentines today. He was pretty thrilled. Now he is hoping to get some in the mail soon! He loves mail!
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