Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My Cuties

I just love my boys. They are growing up so fast! This past weekend we moved Owen up to a front facing carseat which means we put Jaxon in a booster seat. They both are super happy about the change. Owen loves being able to see and Jaxon loves the independence of getting in and out of the car on his own. Where did the time go??? He also loves that now he can ride in Daddy's purple car because its so easy to transer the booster seat!
Owen is starting to walk around tons and he is a climbing machine. He does stairs with little problems and yesterday I found him on Jaxon's bed. I also found him brushing his teeth the other day. He climbed up on the stool all by himself and even grabbed his tooth brush. What I kiddo!

Owen Loves when Jaxon plays with him. Their new favorite game is when Owen climbs into Jaxon's little wagon and Jaxon pulls him around. Owen LOVES it... really I think he just loves the attention from Jaxon. But Jaxon really loves this game too and is more then willing to play along!

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