Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My Little Monster

   Owen Keeps my on my toes. I am constantly shocked and amazed at how is little mind works. I love him and Im sure Ill laugh at this one day... but for now its a trial!
  Here is todays story; Normally I have the kids watch TV while I make dinner. That way they stay out of trouble and I can just focus on cooking. But this afternoon Jaxon watched way more TV then I liked so all things with screens were on break until after a good dinner was eaten. So of course I am being hounded by the little guys while I am cooking. I suggest they color a picture. Jaxon has now out grown crayons and insists on using markers ALL THE TIME. which is fine for him, but owen now refuses to use crayons too. He has to be just like Jaxon. So I get them both coloring and all is well... then the door bell rings... I leave Owen at the table (jaxon is now off playing cars) and I think to myself... "The markers are washable what can go wrong in the 10 seconds it will take me to get the door" yeah I know... BIG MISTAKE. At the door is two guys from Elections Canada wanting to make sure we are registered to vote. They have a few questions for me and for some reason I know Owen is coloring but I am thinking its with crayons so all is well... After about 2 minutes they leave and I return to check on Owen....

Yep... he filled up his paper and moved onto the table... and to top it off..WASHABLE MARKERS ARENT REALLY WASHABLE
Owen now loves sitting at the table because he has his own artwork to look at... I have scrubbed and scrubbed... its a little more faded but still very much so there! ARGH

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Brooke said...

Try goo gone. It got permanent marker out of a leather desk for me once. Also could try aerosol hairspray.

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