Thursday, May 26, 2011


Wow It has been way too long since I updated this blog. I dont know where the time went... but it did. I have decided to consolidate my two blogs into one... because I dont have time to run too! So if you are looking for updates on the family... here they are... if you are looking for my latest craft projects and recipes... here they are. Simple right! Lets hope it helps me stay on top of keeping things up to date! I should have known Id have a rough time... I never was very good at journal keeping!
Tonight we had a happy dinner time! FINALLY!!! Don't get me wrong. I have taught my boys right and they love to eat. But they are grazers. Meaning they would rather eat 10 snacks through out the day then sit down for a meal. Dinnertime is normally filled with whines and tears and screaming and TIME OUTS. But tonight it was peaceful. I thank Spaghetti and Meatballs! Jaxon Loved slurping the long noodles and ate way more then I thought his little tummy could hold. Owen loved the meatballs and the Cheese Bread. It was heavenly! Here's hoping the peace lasts. Any tips on how you get your kids to eat???
So I had to share this little tidbit with you. As many of you know, I have been on the hunt for barstools since we moved in 2 years ago. While we finally had success there too. We finally found ones that 1) I love and 2) were in our budget! YAY! So Tim being the sweet husband he is stayed up one night and put them together. They Look fantastic. I am thrilled with them. The boys love them too. Jaxon and Owen and I often have out lunch 'sitting at the counter' Owen loves that he can climb up and sneak his soother (which we normally hid on the island) But as you all know. My boys are all boy... they climb, they jump and they cause trouble. One morning I was brave and decided to leave them downstairs while I went up and had a bath. I left the door open so I could listen for sounds of trouble. It all sounded nice and quiet. So I took my time and really enjoyed the nice quiet bubble bath. After 20 minutes I come downstairs and find this....

Yep... Owen hanging from the island with out a barstool in reach... how he managed that and how long he was hanging there is a mystery... he wasnt crying or yelling or anything... just snuggling with daddy's paper... Could thing my little monster has some serious upper body strength, that would have been a long drop!
I'm thinking I may have to build an ark. It has been raining all week. It Sucks! The worst part is its not even warm rain... its cold. If it was warm we could at least go puddle jumping... but we are inside way too much these days. Ive been looking for things to do around the house... Fun things... not cleaning things. obviously I turn to my craft room. Yesterday I scrapbooked and today I returned to Felt Food. For those of you who dont know I went on a massive felt food making spree right before christmas. Now I figured the boys needed more food. Well ok... I wanted to be crafty but my craft budget was all spent for this month so I had to use what I had... and I found felt!

Kiwis... what do you think?
Jaxon tells me they look pretty good... But he also has to live with me so I think he knows how to flatter me!
Suggestions on what to do tomorrow in the rain?
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Ashley Smith said...

Try not to drown. Pretty soon we are going to have to paddle back and forward up the street

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