Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I am so thrilled! I am going to see Wicked the Musical in July! YAY! So to prep for it I read the book Wicked. It was awesome! I love books that give you another point of view. As I read this book I found myself totally feeling for The Wicked Wtich of the West. I was almost completely on her side. I felt bad for her. her life SUCKED. but then Id have to shake my head and say she is the WICKED Witch of the West!  WICKED! but I still would get super annoyed with Glinda and thought she was an obnoxious twit. Weird. But reading the book has made me even more excited for July to go and see the musical and I am also going to read the second book in the trilogy... Son of a Witch... about Liir the Wicked Witch's son.  Cant wait!

  Speaking of things that are Wicked... my boys are going to either kill me or kill each other. Owen is now just over 21 months... and his brother has given him his first nose bleed. Nice. I totally watched it all happen from the kitchen window.... I had left them in the care of their daddy... was that my first mistake??? But as I glanced out the window I see owen sitting on the edge of the monkey bars... and Jaxon grabbing his legs and pulling him off.... awesome... at least it was just a nose bleed... I guess it could have been a lot worse!

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