Saturday, June 11, 2011

Day Out with Thomas

Ok So I know it was over a month ago that we went to Day out with Thomas. But I finally have gotten around to blogging about. It was such a fun day! Both the boys love Thomas the Tank Engine. Owen is the biggest fan Ive ever seen. He LOVES Thomas. He cries when we turn it off and he knows all the engines... yep my 18 month old knows the Engines by name. Its super awesome. This year for Owens birthday I am planning a Thomas the Train party. Its going to be great.
  Jaxon always has a blast when we go to Day out with Thomas. Owen had fun too... but I think there was a bit too much noise and people for him. He stuck pretty close and snuggly with Tim and I. But he was still smiling most of the time.
  I cant wait to go again next year. Its a great family tradition!
Playing trains!

Owen Loves playing trains!

Owen got a James Tattoo

Jaxon got a Thomas Tattoo. Both boys were so sad when they washed off!
On the train!

Off to have fun

Owen figuring out the little Maze

Jaxon did the maze like 10 times in a row... as fast as he could!

Jaxon even got to drive a model train!

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